How often we should scrub the face?

Is it right to scrub the face everyday? How often we should scrub the face?

How often we should scrub the face

Many times readers will ask us how often they should scrub the face or if they can scrub the face everyday? Then our answer is it depends. It depends on the skin type and the type of scrubbing products that you will be using, so in today’s post on Tips and Beauty Blog, we will take up this query that most of our readers have whether they should scrub the face daily or how often they should do it?

Let us start by telling what scrubbing is and why we scrub.

What is scrubbing and why we do it?

When we take off the upper most dead skin layer using a granular face scrub, this is called scrubbing. We can use a ready made face scrub like Himalaya neem scrub, Garnier apricot scrub etc or use a home made face scrubs for the scrubbing purpose. But why we scrub? We scrub the face to take off the dead skin layer. When this dead skin layer is removed a new younger skin layer is exposed.

Now the main question is if you should scrub the face daily.

Is it right to scrub the face everyday or How often we should scrub the face?

We scrub to get rid of the dead skin cells but do you think you will accumulate that many dead skin cells daily to be scrubbed, No!! Right? This is why you should scrub the face 2 times in a week, if you have very oily and acne prone skin. This will keep it clearer.  But if you have got dry to normal skin then scrubbing the face 1 time in a week is sufficient.

There is very important thing that I would like to tell the readers is that after you have scrubbed the face always use a light moisturizer. For the dry skin, using a thick cream is good and for the oily acne prone skin a light oil free moisturiser is the best after scrubbing the face. See also: Choosing the right makeup products for oily skin

One more thing, In my opinion, you should scrub the face at night while going to bed so that the skin rejuvenates further. For eg: if you scrub the face in the morning then go to college or office etc, The sun light, pollution and dust falls on the freshly exposed skin. Do you think that will be good? No,Therefore, I will suggest scrub the face at night.

What are the benefits of scrubbing?

Regular use of scrubbing will help you keep the pores clean and when the pores are clean. You will face less of the skin problems like whiteheads, blackheads, pimples etc. Do you know all these skin problems happen just because of the blocked pores. Skin pores are blocked with the dead skin cells and when they get blocked the bacteria will start to breed in. This is why scrubbing is important. Another reason why we scrub is that scrubbing will lighten the arks, line and blemishes from the face and skin appears glowing