The Best OTA Receivers for 2021 (August 2021)

TiVo Edge for Antenna OTA DVR.

In an age of streaming media, one might think that the days of recording our favorite shows through a hulking DVR box are over. That’s not necessarily the case. While streaming devices and smart TVs keep us connected to our Netflix and Hulu accounts, today’s leading OTA receivers are sleek, …

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Pokémon Unite Review: Not Quite a Switch Slam Dunk

Cramorant eating Pikachu in Pokemon Unite

Pokémon Unite review: Not quite a slam dunk for Switch owners “While Pokémon Unite’s core gameplay is fun, strange design choices and a convoluted microtransaction system complicates a simple MOBA.” Pros Unique scoring system Satisfying combat Mostly well-balanced Easy to pick up and play Cons Limited communication Oppressive microtransactions Frame …

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The Best Dryers You Can Buy Right Now in 2021

The Electrolux EFME627UIW in a laundry room.

A reliable driver should do more than just get your clothes free of laundry water. Today’s top-tier models are capable of predictive drying technologies that will dry based on the types of fabrics you’re throwing in. It also doesn’t hurt to have a dryer that can be controlled and monitored …

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The Best To-Do List Apps for Android and iOS


Do you often find yourself procrastinating, putting off things you know you need to do, or worse, forgetting those important tasks until it’s too late? Forget setting countless Alexa reminders and losing hastily scribbled to-do list notes — there are plenty of to-do list apps for Android and iOS that …

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