It’s Historical and Men Love It!

Men Love It

It’s Historical and Men Love It! Do men in today’s society love history? As with any product or profession, technological changes and development has made historic advancements over the years. This love of history is visible in our society today, in every field, covering all walks of life. However, in …

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The New Domestic Violence: Technology Abuse

New Domestic Violence

Abusers don’t need to be technologically sophisticated, experts say. A past or present relationship with the victim can open the door to many forms of stealth violence. Abusers may have created email accounts or bank accounts and passwords for the victim and continue to enter the accounts even after the …

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How to Make a Guy the Happiest Man on Earth!

How to Make a Guy the Happiest Man on Earth

How to Make a Guy the Happiest Man on Earth! 7 Keys Will Guide You in Your Efforts to Be Happiness What kind of woman chases men? This is the type of woman who is driven to do anything to attract the right man of her dreams. Women who are …

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The Subject of Seduction and Dating

Seduction and Dating

Dating is a subject that most men find very difficult to understand. Dating is a social activity performed by people, and yet it seems so difficult to master. We can all date, or at least think we can. However, when it comes to seducing a woman, things are far more …

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