Google has a great idea to fix your tab chaos in Chrome

If you use Google Chrome and are having trouble managing unchecked tabs in your web browser, help may be coming soon. That’s because Google is testing a new feature that can organize your tab clutter.

as seen leopaeva64 on x (formerly Twitter), a new version of Google Chrome Canary (a version of Chrome that lets users test experimental features) includes a new tool called Organize Tabs in the top-left corner of the browser.

Apparently Chrome’s new "organize tabs" One of the features will be the automatic creation of tab groups, after organizing the tabs into different groups, Chrome will allow you to rename them, in Canary this option currently looks like this:

— Leopaeva64 (@Leopaeva64) 6 October 2023

Click the Arrange Tabs button and your browser will try to intelligently rearrange your tabs into groups of similar pages. So instead of a confusing array of different tabs, they’ll be kept together in related groups. Chrome will let you rename these groups, and may even be able to automatically create tab groups once it’s able to properly categorize your tabs.

This will make it much easier to manage your tabs. Once you’ve grouped your open pages with other similar tabs, it will be much simpler to interact with them and close all the ones you no longer need. By automatically doing the grunt work, Chrome will make this entire process more delicious.

tab group advanced

Google Drive in Chrome on MacBook.
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The new feature is not much different from Chrome’s existing Tab Groups feature. It lets you group related tabs together so you can keep track of every website you open. For example, you might have one tab group for planning a vacation, and another for a project you’re working on.

Other browsers along with Apple have introduced tab groups Adding them to Safari in macOS Monterey and Microsoft bringing them to Edge around the same time. Even newer browsers like Arch have adopted these enthusiastically.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Google is looking for a way to stand out from the crowd. By automating the process, Google is hoping it can remove a process that might drive users away from tab groups — that is, the need to manually create and manage groups. The more tabs you have open, the more unattractive the task will seem.

There’s no word yet on when this feature might become publicly available, but when it does see the light of day, it could help Google Chrome establish itself as one of the best browsers out there. Can.