Affordable Makeup Brush Sets in India

Makeup Brushes are the lifeline of your makeup. Yes, makeup is incomplete without the use of the brush. You can have brushes like foundation brush, eye shadow brush, blush brush, concealer brush, eyeliner brush, contour brush etc. So, literally you need a brush for different makeup product application. Even though makeup can be applied by the fingers like your foundation, concealer, eye shadow etc, still use of brushes can ensure that you can seamless finish like a pro. Here, we have compiled this list of the affordable makeup brushes set that can give you the freedom to apply makeup effortless and quickly. These inexpensive makeup brush kit are available online so that you pay less as offline a single brush can cost around 200 bucks, that too from your local market.

Top 10 Best Cheap Makeup Brush Kits in India (2022)

Let’s have a look at the affordable and budget friendly makeup brush sets available in India on the online shopping sites.

1. Foolzy Brush Book Makeup Brush Collection

Foolzy Brush Book ! Makeup Brush Collection

The collection of makeup brushes has 24 makeup brushes right from the foundation to concealer to your eye makeup brushes. You can get this set enclosed in a golden color PU brush set kit. The brushes have thick and dense bristles which allow better application.

What you get: 24 makeup brushes

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2. Generic Foundation Eyeshadow Makeup Brush

Generic Foundation, Eyeshadow Makeup Brush

This is a lovely set of 10 brushes. The denser and bigger brushes have the foundation, concealer brushes. To be precise, we call then tapered brush, flat top foundation brush, buffing brush etc. In the small brushes you have concealer brush, pencil brush, eye makeup blending brush and some more. This set is very affordable and has a premium look. For this price, they are a MUST buy for makeup lovers on budget.

What you get: 10 brushes

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3. Tribecca 24Pcs Makeup Brush Set Wooden Handle with Leather Pouch

Tribecca 24Pcs Makeup Brush Set Wooden Handle With Leather Pouch

This brush set is huge. With around 2 dozen brushes, this is the best affordable makeup brush set online available at best price. This is for the people who like makeup brushes for the application of every product. There are eye makeup brushes, face makeup brushes, contour, feather brush and almost every type of brush that you need. These are also packed in a PU case to carry the brushes around with you.

What you get: 24 Brushes

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4. Puna Store 24 Piece Makeup Brush Set

Puna Store 24 Piece Makeup Brush Set With Storage Pouch

This one is also a set of 24 brushes with a storage pouch which is sturdy and looks good. The brushes are good in quality and have dense bristle for perfect finish of makeup application. In this you get around 7-8 eye makeup brushes to get a perfect eye makeup with the help of brushes like pencil brush, blending, fluffy, applicator brush etc. There is a mascara wand and eyeliner thin brush too.

What you get: 24

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5. Spanking Naked3 Foundation Brush

Spanking Naked3 Foundation Brush - Set Of 12

Okay, so this is a replica of NAKED brand but it looks almost the same. So, for budget beauties who like things on budget can get their hands on this brush kit that is affordable and looks luxe. The set of 12 brushes in tin container looks really good and the price is absolutely enticing. Yes, it is just 190 rupees. Girls, but the prices are subjected to change depending on the market rates and seller so to check out.

What you get: 12 Brushes

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6. Amazon Brand Solimo Makeup Brush Set, 24 Pieces with PU Leather Case

Solimo is an Amazon brand that offers variety of products which are in reach of many people and has quality. It is a set of 24 makeup brushes with the wooden handles and thick bristles. The bristles are soft and are of good quality. With the presence of face makeup, eye makeup and lip makeup brushes, this case is a good kit for makeup loving girls.

What you get: 24 Brushes

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7. Cosmix Stores Makeup Brush Set

Cosmix Stores Makeup Brush Set 12 Piece

These 12 piece set of brushes are enclosed in a white floral printed PU carry case which is beautiful. The brushes are white and the upper part is black. It is a 12 piece set that has the primary and frequently used brushes.

What you get: 12 brushes

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8. SKINPLUS Cosmetics Makeup Brush Set with Storage Box

SKINPLUS Cosmetics Makeup Brush Set with Storage Box, Set of 12

Here’s another choice for the set of 12 pieces for you. They are also stored in a tin box which is pretty to look at. We are sure, you would love the appearance and the packaging of these makeup brushes.

What you get: 12 brushes

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9. Foolzy BR-6C Professional Makeup Brush Set with Travel Case

Foolzy BR-6C Professional Makeup Brush Set with Travel Case, Wood Set of 32

This Foolzy Professional set of makeup brushes is huge in number. There is a makeup brush for every part of your face. The brushes are long lasting and affordable in price.

What you get: 24  brushes

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10. Amazon Brand Solimo Makeup Brush Set, 12 Pieces with Tin Storage Box

Amazon Brand - Solimo Makeup Brush Set, 12 Pieces with Tin Storage Box

You can also get Amazon Brand Solimo in 12 makeup brushes set which are in a metallic box. The brushes are good and sturdy with the everyday use ones. There are angled eyeliner brush, face powder brush, foundation, liner, mascara, concealer brushes along with few more.

What you get:12 pieces

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11. Foolzy BR-20B Oval Makeup Brush Set

Foolzy BR-20B Oval Makeup Brush Set

This one will definitely get you all excited. The brushes are the latest oval makeup brushes that are doing round on the instagram. Celebrities love them and bloggers and influencers raving about them. The oval brushes are easy to use but yes, requires some practice, if you have not used one before. This is a set of 5 oval makeup brushes at a throw away prices.

What you get: 5 pieces

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These are the best affordable makeup brushes online in India. Have you used any? Which is your favorite makeup brush? Which set do you use?

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