The 8 Best Door Locks of 2024

Selecting the ideal door lock for your home is a nuanced decision that balances considerations such as your daily habits, security preferences, and the existing door hardware. While traditional keyed locks offer simplicity and reliability, you might find value in exploring more advanced options based on your specific needs. Combination or keypad locks, for instance, eliminate the need for physical keys by utilizing personalized passwords or numeric codes, adding a layer of convenience without compromising security.

Smart locks represent a leap forward in home security technology. These innovative devices allow for keyless entry through a mobile application, revolutionizing how you access your home. “The beauty of a smart lock lies in its ability to streamline access, particularly in urgent scenarios when you’re not around to open the door yourself. It effectively eliminates the worry of accidental lockouts. Even without your phone, anyone who has the app and is authorized can unlock the door,” explains Bill Samuel, a seasoned real estate developer and broker with Blue Ladder Development in Chicago.

In our comprehensive analysis of numerous door locks across various styles, we focused on critical attributes such as durability, security features, user-friendliness, and overall value. This meticulous approach has enabled us to curate a selection of the finest door locks that not only enhance the intelligence of your home but also elevate its security and accessibility.

SCHLAGE BE365 CAM Camelot Keypad Deadbolt

The SCHLAGE BE365 CAM Camelot Keypad Deadbolt offers an ideal solution for those seeking the convenience of keyless entry without venturing into the realm of smart locks. This electronic deadbolt adheres to the highest ANSI Grade 1 security standards, ensuring robust protection for your home. It also includes a physical key option for added peace of mind.

Designed with versatility in mind, this lock allows you to create up to 19 different access codes. This feature is particularly useful for accommodating guests, granting temporary access to service providers, or ensuring family members can enter the home without keys. For added privacy and security, the lock features a “privacy mode” that temporarily disables code entry, perfect for when you’re away on vacation or require added security.

The user-friendly keypad is backlit, ensuring visibility in low-light conditions, and features numbers etched onto silicone, making them resistant to wear and tear from harsh weather conditions. Powered by a 9-volt battery, the lock includes a low-battery indicator to alert you when it’s time for a change—a process that is straightforward and can be completed in under ten minutes.

Installation of the SCHLAGE BE365 CAM Camelot Keypad Deadbolt is straightforward, requiring just a Phillips head screwdriver, making it a manageable task for most homeowners. However, professional locksmith assistance is available for those who prefer it. Its combination of convenience, user-friendly features, and top-tier security rating has solidified its position as a highly recommended choice for enhancing home security with ease.

Best Door Locks
Best Door Locks

Medeco Maxum Residential Single Cylinder Deadbolt

The Medeco Maxum Residential Single Cylinder Deadbolt emerges as the paramount choice for those prioritizing utmost security, earning accolades for its superior defense against common burglary techniques such as drilling, bumping, picking, and brute force attacks. Manufactured by Medeco, a brand renowned for its high-quality security products, this deadbolt ensures widespread availability of professional locksmith services for installation and maintenance, thanks to the company’s reputable standing.

A standout feature of the Medeco Maxum is its patented key system, which safeguards against unauthorized duplication. Key control is further enhanced by a unique card system, permitting only authorized individuals to create key copies, thereby maintaining high levels of security and control over who can access your property. Medeco’s expansive master key system is another testament to its security innovation, utilizing varying angles, cuts, and positions to offer unmatched protection.

The deadbolt’s design includes a steel strike plate with extended screws that anchor deeply into the door frame, significantly enhancing the lock’s resistance to forced entry. The bolt itself is crafted from hardened steel, which Medeco asserts is nearly impervious to cutting by conventional tools such as hacksaws. Additional security features include steel screws and hardened inserts within the lock, specifically designed to thwart drilling attempts.

This deadbolt is not only highly functional but also aesthetically pleasing, with its popular satin nickel finish. It is occasionally available in other finishes, such as brass and bronze, allowing for a degree of customization to match various home decors.

Given its robust construction, innovative key control system, and superior protection against forced entry, the Medeco Maxum Residential Single Cylinder Deadbolt is an exemplary security solution, meriting its distinction as the best overall keyed deadbolt on the market.

Kwikset Cameron Keyed Entry Door Knob

The Kwikset Cameron Keyed Entry Door Knob set marries style with affordability, showcasing a sleek satin nickel finish that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any front door. This set not only offers visual elegance but also includes a practical combination of a door knob with keyed entry and a matching deadbolt, ensuring both convenience and security.

One of the standout features of this set is the inclusion of a smart key technology. This innovative system allows for quick and easy rekeying of the lock by the homeowner, a convenient solution for those inevitable moments when keys are misplaced or lost. Initially, the set comes with two distinct keys for the knob and deadbolt, but it offers the flexibility to rekey both to a single key for streamlined access.

Kwikset has engineered these locks with security at the forefront. The introduction of steel balls at the key entry point enhances drill resistance, while the replacement of the traditional pin tumbler mechanism with a side-locking bar significantly reduces vulnerability to lock bumping techniques. This thoughtful design provides an added layer of security against potential intrusions.

The durability and reliability of the Kwikset Cameron set are underscored by a lifetime warranty, supported by the company’s commendable customer service. Whether you encounter issues or have questions, their team is ready to assist.

Installation versatility is another benefit, as the lock is designed to accommodate both right and left-sided door installations. However, it’s important to note that installing on the right side may require a specialized tool for reversing the orientation to ensure that keys are inserted correctly.

Despite the potential challenge with installation orientation, the overall setup is designed to be straightforward, emphasizing user convenience without compromising on security. With its high-grade security features for the deadbolt (ANSI/BHMI Grade 1) and solid craftsmanship for the knob (Grade 2), the Kwikset Cameron Keyed Entry Door Knob set offers an ideal blend of style, security, and practicality for homeowners seeking to enhance their door hardware.

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro 6-in-1 Smart Lock

The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro stands out in the world of smart locks, epitomizing convenience and versatility with its six unique access methods, including a hidden backup key feature for added peace of mind. This innovative smart deadbolt caters to a variety of entry preferences: biometric fingerprint recognition, Bluetooth proximity sensing for hands-free entry, numeric code input, smartphone app control, and even a novel “magic shake” feature that unlocks the door via a gesture in the app. For those concerned about privacy while entering their code, the keypad is designed to accept random digits before and after your actual code, ensuring your entry sequence remains confidential even in crowded settings.

While the lock’s Wi-Fi bridge component may present initial setup challenges, potentially requiring closer proximity of your router to the door, this minor inconvenience is balanced by the lock’s overall functionality and security features. The auto-open feature, despite occasional inconsistencies, adds a layer of convenience for when your hands are full. A low-battery indicator provides ample warning before power depletion, offering up to 1,000 additional uses and the option for emergency recharging via a micro-USB cable—a lifesaver in situations where you might not have the cable on hand.

Ultraloq’s customer service is readily available to assist with any issues, ensuring that users have support when needed. Installation is straightforward, making the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro a practical and efficient choice for both exterior and interior doors across your home. Crafted from durable zinc and boasting an ANSI/BHMI Grade 1 security rating, this smart deadbolt combines robust protection with advanced technology to deliver a top-tier solution for modern home security needs.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is an ideal solution for those intrigued by the smart lock concept yet reluctant to replace their existing lock setup. This retrofit model stands out for its straightforward installation process, though achieving perfect calibration and network visibility might require a bit of patience. Once integrated with your existing deadbolt, it offers seamless compatibility with popular smart home ecosystems such as Alexa and Apple’s HomeKit, necessitating the initial setup of the August app. In the event of a misplaced phone, the lock’s security can swiftly be reset through a special URL provided on the company’s website, ensuring peace of mind.

The August app is laden with user-friendly features, including biometric options like facial or fingerprint recognition for enhanced security. Its capabilities extend to remote locking and unlocking, issuing temporary access to guests, and the innovative “DoorSense” feature, which utilizes geo-fencing technology to unlock your door as you approach. Additionally, the auto-lock function can be tailored to activate immediately after entry or after a designated delay, offering flexibility in securing your home.

For visitors less adept with smart technology, August offers an optional numeric keypad as an alternative entry method, ensuring accessibility for all users. Importantly, this smart lock design allows for the continued use of traditional keys, providing a failsafe entry method. Priced at over $200, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock represents a significant investment. However, its value is justified by the convenience, enhanced security features, and ease of integration with existing lock mechanisms, making it a compelling choice for upgrading to a smarter, more secure home.

Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-wave Plus

The Yale Assure Lock SL Key-Free Touchscreen Door Lock epitomizes the pinnacle of keyless entry systems, designed for those who prioritize a sleek, hole-free aesthetic on their door. This model eschews traditional keyholes, offering a streamlined interface that enhances both the security and design of your entryway. Powered by AA batteries, the lock features a warning indicator for low battery status, ensuring you’re never caught off guard. In the event the batteries deplete entirely, Yale has ingeniously incorporated a failsafe mechanism: by pressing a 9V battery against a contact point at the lock’s base, you’re granted a temporary power infusion to gain entry—though the practicality of carrying a 9V battery remains a consideration.

Installation is remarkably user-friendly, requiring only a screwdriver to replace your existing deadbolt. It’s designed to fit a standard 54-millimeter hole, making it a versatile option for most doors. The lock supports the creation of up to 25 unique numeric PIN codes, providing ample flexibility for family members, guests, or service providers. Enhancing the setup experience, the lock includes a voice-guided assistant, simplifying the programming process with clear, audible instructions.

While this model does not inherently come with WiFi or advanced smart features, its forward-thinking design allows for future upgrades. Yale offers additional modules that can be purchased separately to enhance the lock with smart capabilities, offering a pathway to integrate your lock into a broader smart home ecosystem as your needs evolve.

Constructed from durable zinc and achieving an ANSI/BHMI Grade 2 security rating, the Yale Assure Lock SL Key-Free Touchscreen Door Lock represents a harmonious blend of style, security, and technological adaptability, making it an attractive choice for those seeking to modernize their home entry system without compromising on design or functionality.

Schlage Single-Sided Deadbolt

The Schlage Single-Sided Deadbolt offers a minimalist and efficient solution for those seeking enhanced security without the complexity or expense of more advanced locking mechanisms. Designed to be operated solely from the interior, this lock eliminates the vulnerability of an exterior keyhole, making it an ideal choice for doors where exterior access is not required or desired. Often referred to as “half-deadbolts,” these locks feature a smooth exterior plate, providing a clean look while maintaining the integrity of your home’s security.

Boasting the highest security rating of ANSI Grade 1, the Schlage Single-Sided Deadbolt is built to offer top-tier protection against forced entry attempts. Its versatility in aesthetics is evident in the availability of eight distinct finishes, including antique brass, satin nickel, and aged bronze. This range allows for seamless integration with your home’s existing hardware, ensuring both functionality and visual harmony.

Installation is straightforward, enabling DIY enthusiasts to easily incorporate this lock into their security setup without professional assistance. Although the package includes screws, some may find them excessively long for certain door types, potentially necessitating a quick trip to the hardware store for an optimal fit.

Priced at under $50, the Schlage Single-Sided Deadbolt stands out as a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality or security. While its traditional deadbolt appearance may not cater to all aesthetic preferences, its solid construction and high-grade security make it a compelling choice for those prioritizing straightforward, reliable home protection.

Battalion Box Strike Plate

The Battalion Box Strike Plate is a standout choice for those looking to enhance the security of their home with a robust and durable solution. Its heavy-duty metal construction and extended length of approximately 5 inches make it a formidable addition to any door jamb, ensuring a higher level of protection against forced entry attempts.

Installation might require a bit of handiwork, including the use of a hammer and chisel to create the necessary space in your door jamb’s mortise hole. While this extra step may demand more effort, the added security benefits are undeniable, making it a worthwhile investment in your home’s safety.

It’s important to note that this strike plate may not be suitable for deadbolts exceeding 1 inch in length. However, its versatility shines through its compatibility with a variety of lock types, offering an additional layer of security across the board.

The strike plate comes equipped with basic screws, which, while functional, may not offer the best quality in terms of durability and strength. For enhanced security, it is advisable to upgrade to more robust screws, ideally at least 2 inches long, available at your local hardware store. This, coupled with the plate’s design featuring four screw holes—double the amount found in many standard strike plates—provides superior reinforcement against external forces.

While the Battalion Box Strike Plate does not have an ANSI/BHMI grade due to the nature of its purpose, its steel construction and thoughtful design considerations speak to its effectiveness in bolstering door security. For anyone looking to upgrade their home’s defense mechanisms affordably and efficiently, this strike plate represents a practical and reliable choice

Our Suggestion

For those looking to transition away from traditional keys without compromising on security, the Schlage Camelot Electronic Keypad stands out as the top recommendation. Its capacity to hold up to 19 unique codes caters to a variety of entry needs, from family members to temporary guests, all while offering the convenience of keyless entry. The simplicity of its use, coupled with the absence of complicated wiring requirements, makes it an ideal choice for homeowners seeking both functionality and ease of installation. This electronic keypad combines a user-friendly interface with reliable security measures, ensuring a balance of accessibility and protection.

On the other hand, if a keyed solution is preferred, the Medeco Maxum 11TR503-19 emerges as the best overall option. Its availability in various finishes allows for a seamless match with existing door hardware, while the high-quality nickel construction underscores its durability and resistance against forced entry techniques. The Medeco Maxum’s reputation for easy servicing further enhances its appeal, offering peace of mind that support is readily available when needed. This keyed deadbolt exemplifies the perfect blend of traditional security with modern engineering excellence, making it a superior choice for those valuing robust protection with a keyed mechanism.

Both options exemplify the forefront of their respective categories, addressing diverse homeowner preferences and security requirements. Whether opting for the advanced technology of the Schlage Camelot Electronic Keypad or the sturdy reliability of the Medeco Maxum keyed deadbolt, users can rest assured in their decision, knowing they have chosen a top-tier security solution for their home.

Type / ANSI Grade / Key Control / Strike Plate

When enhancing the security of your home, understanding the mechanics and quality standards of the locks you choose is crucial. Deadbolts, known for their robust security features, require manual operation to lock and unlock—unlike latch bolts that lock automatically. This manual operation feature of deadbolts makes them a superior choice for exterior-facing doors, providing an additional layer of security.

The importance of the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) grading system cannot be overstressed. This system categorizes locks into three grades based on their durability and security. While Grade 3 locks are common and may suffice for basic residential security, those serious about safeguarding their homes should consider Grade 1 or Grade 2 locks. These higher grades offer enhanced security features and durability, making them more resistant to forced entry attempts. For instance, our top overall pick, the Schlage Camelot Electronic Keypad, boasts a Grade 1 rating, reflecting its superior security capabilities.

Key control is another vital aspect of lock security. The ability to rekey locks easily without professional help is a significant advantage, especially for families with children prone to losing keys or landlords managing multiple properties. The Kwikset Cameron Keyed Entry Door Knob, highlighted as our best budget pick, exemplifies this convenience by allowing homeowners to rekey their locks quickly using a proprietary master key.

The strike plate plays a pivotal role in the lock system, anchoring the bolt or latch securely to the door frame. While many locks come with standard strike plates, upgrading to a more robust option can greatly enhance a door’s resistance to forced entry. A high-quality strike plate like the Battalion Box Strike Plate, recognized as our best strike plate pick, offers substantial reinforcement. Opting for a strike plate that is approximately 4 inches high with four screw holes and using heavy-duty metal screws of at least 2 inches in length can significantly fortify your door against kick-ins and other break-in methods.

By prioritizing these key features—type, ANSI grade, key control, and strike plate quality—you can significantly enhance the security of your home, ensuring peace of mind and protection for your family and possessions.

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