Skin care for sensitive skin for Men and Women

tips for senstive skin skin careSkin care for sensitive skin for men and women

Sensitive skin is more prone to irritation as a result of which it gets red, swollen, itching or red marks, rashes easily. Sensitive skin may have skin condition like Eczema, psoriasis etc. for that you should consult dermatologists. Sensitive skin is not just for the face but some can have sensitive body skin too. Here we are sharing some tips to care for your sensitive skin.

Skin care products for sensitive skin

When the skin is sensitive, then it becomes utmost important to take adequate care regarding choosing the skin care products that you’re using. Products which say that they are dermatologists tested or hypo allergic are best to go for sensitive skin. Skin care for sensitive skin actually starts with using mild products that won’t aggravate the problem.


Stress plays havoc for the sensitive skin. Stress causes the body to produce some chemicals and stress hormones that may make skin worse and aggravates the sensitivity of the skin.Therefore keep the stress levels down, try to be happy and stress free when one can. Exercising daily also helps relive stress.

Shaving and waxing skin care tips for sensitive skin

Shaving or waxing Men and women both shave their unwanted hair. Women also choose waxing to do the same but these methods can at times irritate the sensitive skin. To avoid that men should use clean razors and should wet their face first before shaving. Dry shaving should be avoided as that makes the skin red with rashes. Men should shave in the direction of hair growth to prevent rashes and razor burns for their sensitive skin, same hold true for women. While waxing one should make sure that the wax is not too hot to irritate the sensitive skin.

Skin Exfoliation for sensitive skin

Exfoliation should be done with keeping in mind certain precautions since that is also potential enough to irritate the sensitive skin. When you are using facial scrubs ensure that the scrub particles are gentle and mild not to give rashes on the skin. Wet the face first to make the process easier and irritation free. When you are using chemical exfoliating agents like the AHAs or the glycolic acids then try to keep their concentration low which will be safer for the sensitive skin.

Skin bleach for sensitive skin

Skin Bleaches help making the unwanted hair to match with the skin color which results in less visible unwanted hair but for sensitive skin even bleaching which involves chemicals, can be a process which is prone to cause irritation. It is always recommend that for sensitive skin, use the bleach first near the ear to check whether it is safe to be used. Do this vital step for sensitive skin, every time you go for a skin bleaching session. Other than that always keep the bleach for the recommended time and never exceed the time.

Keeping in mind these tips of skin care for sensitive skin will helps prevents the extreme conditions that could possible irritate the sensitive skin.

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