Do You Know About These 6 Secret LinkedIn Apps for Business Expansion?

Do You Know About These 6 Secret LinkedIn Apps for Business Expansion?

LinkedIn Apps for Business Expansion: As the world migrates to mobile computing, LinkedIn has been developing apps to meet the demand. According to LinkedIn, more than 60 per cent of their members use the mobile app to access the site. This is a huge shift from just a couple of years ago when people spent most of their time on desktop computers.

Let me introduce you to a few of the most popular mobile LinkedIn apps, all of which are free to download and will enhance your LinkedIn experience.

LinkedIn mobile app

LinkedIn has developed apps for iPhone and Android smartphones. (The Blackberry and Windows versions are officially retired.) The LinkedIn app is free and connects you seamlessly to your LinkedIn account from your phone. The app is well-designed, fast, and easy to use. It lets you check messages, invite people to connect, review updates, and send messages to your connections.

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At the bottom of the screen, you have easy access to your primary LinkedIn functions: Home, My Network, Messaging, Notifications and Jobs. This is about 80 per cent of what I use LinkedIn for. When I’m on “Home,” I scan my newsfeed to see what’s happening with my network, breaking industry news and content from people and companies I follow. On the “My Network” tab, I see new invitations to connect, potential new connections under “People You May Know,” and my total number of connections. When I’m at a live event, I can also turn on “Find Nearby,” which looks for other people at the conference or event who have this feature turned on. You can connect with other conference attendees instantly. Don’t worry about your privacy: People won’t see your location if you don’t enable this feature.

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LinkedIn Messaging is a powerful way to start conversations with connections who could become clients or great referral partners. The right graphic is Notifications, where you see who’s interacting with your posts, accepting your connection invitations, and having job anniversaries or birthdays. The app also lets you update your profile and see your network statistics, including Who’s Viewed Your Profile, Post Views, and the number of times you appeared in searches.

LinkedIn SlideShare

LinkedIn’s hidden gems that work well on mobile are SlideShare, an app and website ou can upload PowerPoint work well on mobile are PDFs and documents. You can also upload a video if it’s included in your presentation, but you can’t upload the video directly to SlideShare.

LinkedIn learning

LinkedIn Learning has thousands of online courses and videos covering every aspect of the business. Content is categorized under Subjects, Software, and Learning Paths.

You receive full access to LinkedIn Learning when you have a premium account. If you don’t have a premium account, you can subscribe to LinkedIn Learning for $29.95 per month or purchase an annual subscription for $299.88. The Learning app is free to download, but you need a premium account or a subscription to access the content.

You can stream courses or download them for offline viewing from the mobile app. I often download classes and watch them when I’m travelling to speaking engagements.

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Premium apps

LinkedIn has several premium apps worth checking out (and that may be worth paying the cost of the premium for, depending on your needs). These apps work only with appropriately paid subscriptions, so be sure to check their terms.

LinkedIn Recruiter

The Recruiter app lets you access the tools in your LinkedIn Recruiter subscription. The app lets you search and review the profiles of potential hires, respond quickly to candidates, and stay organized with projects. While it’s not a replacement for the full desktop version of Recruiter, it allows you to stay in touch while you are away from your computer.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s flagship tool for sales professionals, which helps you find leads and accounts in your target market, connect or send messages to prospects, and get real-time updates while you are on the road.

With Sales Navigator, you can follow targeted companies and key members of those organizations, so you hear instantly about breaking news or key personnel changes. You can quickly reach out with InMail if you’re not connected or send free LinkedIn messages to check in with them.

You can also create targeted LinkedIn searches with expanded search fields that run 24/7 and alert you once a day when they find an ideal prospect. Open the alert and view the potential client’s LinkedIn profile to decide if you want to connect and begin a business relationship.

It would be best if you had a paid subscription to Sales Navigator to use this app. LinkedIn offers a professional version for individual users at around $80 per month and a version for corporate sales teams at around $130 per month per person at the time of this writing. Visit to see the latest service offerings and pricing.

LinkedIn Elevate

LinkedIn Elevate is a tool for large companies that create and share such content on social media. This app is only available to employees at participating companies. Visit for more information.

As employees create social media content for your company, they add it to the Elevate app so everyone can share it on their social media accounts. This is a great way to create a viral effect on social media if enough employees share it promptly. With a huge initial boost from your employees, social media networks see the content trending, so they boost the content to millions of other people.

LinkedIn Elevate lets you:

  • Receive quality, approved content that you can easily share with your networks
  • Help you reach your network at the best time to boost your impact
  • See how your network is responding with detailed analytics


Can You Benefit From Rehab

Recruiters with good connections with other professionals are among the top-paying professionals. But the question remains: are they easily given to a second connection? Can you give a second connection to your personal information to join their network? Can they benefit from the connection? Can you build “friends”?

The power of the “LinkedIn Groups” is another tool that both recruiters and candidates can use to grow their networks. LinkedIn lists groups of contacts with their particular specialities and interests. This allows recruiters to target a specific group of people to find more suitable candidates for their vacancies.

LinkedIn Apps for Business

LinkedIn was created in 2005 when it was still basically a B2B social networking site. It was then changed into a B2C social networking site in December 2005, when the creation of ‘LinkedIn Apps for Business‘ was announced. In December 2005, more than 50 leading web consultancy companies and technology companies such as Documents, Val997, Pinta, biological Systems, Business Objects and Zictive lined up for the launch.

Since June 2005, various versions of LinkedIn’s mobile apps have been released. Other web-based business applications such as MS Visio, CountryWulf, Zoho and Jigsaw have also been advertising more custom-made business LinkedIn apps. But many experts suspect that the app developer could introduce similar custom-made apps in the following months and push the technology further into the business world.

LinkedIn’s business based applications

The advantages of utilizing LinkedIn’s business based applications would be obvious. It is a good way to connect with a network of professional professionals who share similar interests and have connections with the target audience. The other professionals have no reason not to utilize LinkedIn as they would be making a sale or contract with another business professional. Various tools can use in developing business links. Individuals can choose from an array of applications earlier discussed. These can include:

  • Titles of People to Follow
  • LinkedIn Green Alarm
  • Custom counts
  • New Groups
  • Search apps
  • Job apps
  • yet to be released

Perhaps the most important tool used in finding prospective professionals is the SoMe sync application. This enables users to upload content to sites like Twitter, Google Latitude and Facebook and allows organizations or individuals to access all the content on the network.

The SoMe sync app is reported to come with an alphanumeric name in the drop-down menu bar in LinkedIn introducing ” sorry Folks and you can make the red progress bar red which will allow you to “make a note” or “connect” with someone who is also using the SoMe sync app.”

Some users of the SoMe Shim germs respects manages actor Ella Belcher-181 and causes an alert (21-21-21) when the sores are near, which means users can also save up to 1 hour each day simply by clicking on the “save time alert” link.

Needless to say, this means the major advantage of Rehab Blanc is the persistent Hazaunt dollar scores efficiency of the intermediate-range closest person danger moments to a professional network.

By clicking on the “Swarmtool tam aerial view servers, Each idea storms suite are proven to cut short the time and effort of searching out the most suitable connections. The social networking site is now a presence way of business professionals.

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