In an ideal world, our daily life wardrobe would be filled with pieces that are elegant and as comfortable as the the most comfortable loungewear & plush slippers. In the vast internet world of shopping, it takes a little more digging to find the wardrobe essentials that give us the The best of both worlds & fully live up to the hype. But what really motivates us is when such pieces are found affordable which means we can stock up and upgrade our wardrobe without having to open the piggy bank.

We Found The Best Shoes for 24-Hour Comfort, & They're All On Sale Now

Today is one of those lucky days, because we just found the cutest and most comfortable shoes, perfect for all your daily needs — from chic work shoes & everyday casual clothing to special choices perfect for spring activities like hiking & beach outings, Skechers shoes are the hidden gems of shoes you never knew you needed. It turns out they’re all currently on sale, making this the perfect opportunity to refresh your spring wardrobe. But before you jump into these deals, just wait a second, because the good news doesn’t stop there. QVC has a surprise in store Free delivery dayi.e. any purchase you make on the site Today (2/17) will ship absolutely free. Plus, if it’s your first time shopping on the site, you can get extra $25 off your first fashion purchase – including all Skechers shoes – with promo code MODE25.

It’s a win-win shopping situation through and through, and if you’ve been looking for a brand to refresh your shoe collection, here it is. But you’ll have to hurry, because these styles are selling out very quickly. Run, run, run and shop, shop, shop!

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By Thiruvenkatam

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