[ad_1] Top 10 K-pop songs for a sleepover

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april 27, 2024


Top 10 K-pop songs for a sleepover

Tanya Saxena

Image: YG Entertainment

Typa Girl by BLACKPINK

Before calling it a night, put on some bangers like Typa Girl and make some reels, a stylish song with a captivating hook and tunes is perfect for your next sleepover

This iconic K-pop dance track from BTS is filled with feel-good energy, popping beats, and unlimited happiness, this song the minute it plays, puts you in a pleasant mood


Dynamite by BTS

This track will change the mood from fun to slow and sizzling, with Bang Chan and Hyunjin’s melodious voices making you want to groove this K-pop, R&B, and Soul track is a must-listen

Image: JYP Entertainment

Red Lights by Bang Chan, Hyunjin of Stray Kids

Who doesn’t know this banger, OMG by NewJeans will put the Oh my god in your sleepover party as you dance to this hip-hop R&B track

Image: ADOR

OMG by NewJeans

The soft yet arresting tunes of HALAZIA by ATEEZ will put you in a trance as you irresistibly move to the electro-pop beats of this song

Image: KQ Entertainment


Darl+ing by SEVENTEEN is a beautiful melody perfect for a sleepover, the heartwarming lyrics combined with the synth and pop beats make it a true banger

Image: PLEDIS Entertainment

Darl+ing by SEVENTEEN

This K-pop track will take you places while you listen to its compelling beats and exciting chorus and will put you in a beautiful daze

Drunk-Dazed by ENHYPEN


An electro-dance song, Pied Piper gives a meaningful message in its lyrics while making you fall in love with its gentle and warm tunes


Pied Piper by BTS

SHINee’s Taemin’s solo pop track Guilty with a fresh and captivating main hook will have you lip-syncing to the song in no time

Guilty by Taemin

Image: SM Entertainment

Case 143 is an electro, hip-hop, and pop song with the most addictive hook, it will make you get up and dance without a doubt in your mind

Case 143 by Stray Kids

Image: JYP Entertainment