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april 27, 2024


K-dramas like Twinkling Watermelon

Tanya Saxena

Image: Viki Rakuten

My Lovely Liar

Much like Twinkling Watermelon, we have the element of fantasy in My Lovely Liar where the lead has the power to hear lies; she meets a murder suspect whose innocence only she knows

Delve into the story of a husband who is on the brink of divorce from his wife and suddenly ends up in his 18-year-old body. He gets the chance to save his marriage and family

Image: JTBC

18 Again 

Follow a bereaving woman who is heartbroken after her beloved’s death in this story. While reeling from the loss, she suddenly is transported to the past in a different body and finds a guy who looks like her dead boyfriend

Image: Netflix

A Time Called You

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’s couple will melt your heart with their endearing romance; they fight ups and downs together and get jealous in a very cute way

Image: MBC

Mr. Queen

A girl who remembers all her past lives and can be reborn again and again sets out to find her love from her 18th life 

Image: Netflix

See You In My 19th Life

When drenched in water, a girl can time travel, and she goes to the past where she falls in love with a king. But what if she has to come back?

Image: MBC

Splash Splash Love

Enter a time loop where a woman has come from the future to meet a man who is trying to find the mystery behind his brother’s death


Image: JTBC

Park Yeon Woo has traveled 200 years in the future after being murdered in the Joseon era. She is now stuck here but what if her dead husband from the past is in this new future

Image: MBC

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract

Follow a CEO who has the power to time-travel every time he rides the subway. When he sees he might die soon, he marries a photographer to change his fate but ends up falling in love

Tomorrow With You 

Image: tvN

Indulge in a romance set in the 90s where a teen fencer dreams big and wants to achieve her dream. She meets a guy who was once from a rich family but is now trying to rebuild his life

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Image: Netflix