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april 27, 2024


Best female K-pop dancers 

Moumita Chakraborty


Lisa is a Thai member of the K-pop supergroup BLACKPINK. She is well known for her powerful dance skills which leave the audience in awe. 

Momo has a tall stature and is famous for her dancing skills. She has a splendid figure along with an amazing talent for performance. She has competed in the dance survival show Hit the Stage. 

Image: JYP Entertainment 

TWICE’s Momo 

Lee Hyori is a popular figure in the K-pop industry. The idol has charisma and stage presence which makes it hard for viewers to look away. 

Image: Lee Hyori’s Instagram 

Lee Hyori 

BoA is known as the Queen of K-pop. She is widely regarded as one of the best dancers in the K-pop industry. The idol has been a regular judge on dance reality shows. 

Image: SM Entertainment 


Chungha made her debut as a part of I.O.I. She also took part in the dance survival show Hit the Stage. Her claim to fame was the track Gotta Go which was released in 2019. 


Chung Ha

Seungyeon released many dance videos in which she showcased her abilities beyond K-pop dance. She was the leader of the group CLC. 

Image: seung_monkey

CLC’s former member Seungyeon 

Hyoyeon debuted in 2007 with Girls’ Generation. The K-pop idol is famous for her energetic dancing and expressions. 

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon

Image: SM Entertainment 

Yeji is the leader of ITZY. She has a young and bright energy when she dances which enhances her performance. She has been featured in dance videos which shows her talent in the field. 

Image: JYP Entertainment 

ITZY’s Yeji 

Hyolyn made her debut as a member of Sistar in 2010 with Push Push. She shot to fame as a soloist with the track Dally. The video was a hit because of the idol’s amazing dance. 


Image: bridʒ

Jihyo is considered one of the most talented K-pop idols who can not only sing well but can also break a leg. She is energetic and expressive as a dancer. 

TWICE’s Jihyo 

Image: JYP Entertainment