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april 27, 2024


BTS concepts through eras

Pratyusha Dash

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HYYH Trilogy

The HYYH (Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa) era, also known as The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, stands out as a period during which BTS artfully delves into their most intimate experiences

The Love Yourself trilogy spanning from HER, TEAR, to ANSWER revolves around the central theme of "Loving oneself is the foundation of genuine love."

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Love Yourself Trilogy

MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA acts as a bridge connecting BTS and their ARMYs. It conveys a compelling message of love and acceptance, encouraging us to embrace the world around us

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Map of the Soul: Persona

You Never Walk Alone acts as the epilogue to Wings, sharing the message: "We find joy in togetherness." It's a comforting letter of hope to this generation

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You Never Walk Alone

The concept of Wings embodies the idea of opening new doors filled with possibilities, obstacles, and temptations. Amidst the pain, it portrays breaking free and taking flight for the first time

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The era delves into teenage emotions, life's twists, and the uncertainty of the future. It portrays intense school-day love, both innocent and passionate

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Skool Luv Affair

BTS introduced a groundbreaking concept with O!RUL8,2? (Are You Late Too?), highlighting their commitment to addressing overlooked or ignored topics in society 


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The album was a turning point from the concept of school days to adulthood. It epitomized a bad-boy era, showcasing the group's versatility across diverse hip-hop genres

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Dark & Wild

It delves into the exploration of one's true identity. Unlike its predecessor, which focused on the joy of love, this album turns inward to confront shadows while celebrating BTS' seven-year journey 

Map of the Soul: 7

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During the height of the pandemic, BTS released BE, capturing the prevalent anxiety and fear worldwide. Through this album, they aim to impart a message of hope to those feeling helpless


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Butter marked a significant milestone in their career. This second English single catapulted them to greater fame and underscored their evolution as pop icons


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RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jimin, and Jungkook delved into the pandemic's realities through music, with Dynamite subsequently breaking numerous records upon release


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Permission to Dance represents a unique concept, offering an uplifting anthem for entering a COVID-free world. It embodies the joy of dancing freely after a period of confinement

Permission To Dance

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Proof marked BTS’s album release before their solo albums and military enlistments, serving as a significant milestone for reflection of the past and unity of the group 


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BTS' debut album, exudes a nostalgic charm, reminiscent of the edgy vibes of the 2010s era. The boys' bold makeup, black attire, adorned with heavy jewelry transport us back to the golden age of rock

2 Cool 4 Skool

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