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Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream . Hi all, Do you use Night creams? I use them regularly for the past few years. Do you know why? It is because night creams are essential to keep the skin in healthy state. I will do Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream review which is the cream formulated for night creams. During the night time, the skin creams used at night will fetch benefits like they rejuvenate the skin and replenish the moisture balance. Does not matter what your skin type is these night creams will help to revive the dull and tired skin. Friends, I got this night creams few months ago and have used it fully. I will now do the review.

Price of Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream:

250 Rupees for 50g pack. This is the only pack as this is not available in a smaller or bigger pack.

Experience with Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream

Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream also come in a thin carton box and inside the glass tub is there which also has a green lid. The cream smells very subtle and not over powering. In the journey of using so many skin care products, I have felt that I dislike the products which are extremely high smelling or have excessive cheap perfume like smell. There are some inexpensive brands that possess that cheap smell. Anyway friends, the night cream is light and has a watery texture, while using this even though my facial skin is oily to combination, I did not feel that this is a greasy. But when I say that the cream is not greasy it should not mean that the creamy is not hydrating enough. I reviewed the Himalaya Oil Gel Gel Radiance Cream earlier which I used to try for the day time. So, this cream is not oil free like that but yes, this is ideal for the oily skin too.

Himalaya revitalizing night cream

Why Night Creams are essential?

I like to use night creams these days as my skin needs rejuvenation. In fact each one of us should try night creams which can enhance the rate of cell renewal which in turn makes the skin beautiful. Just imagine friends, your skin goes through a lot like sun light, pollution, heat, humidity etc. So, when the skin bears a lot then you should give some nutrition to the skin at the end of the day. It’s not that while you sleep only your body takes rest and heals but the skin also heals.

Best Night Creams in India

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During the night, when you are asleep the skin absorbs the creams and nutrients along with that. This is why I think using night creams and moisturizers is extremely beneficial. Even if you do not ate much of the skin acre seriously but just using the night creams alone can helps you look younger for years to come.

This was on night creams, but what about this Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream? As I said that this cream is apt for all skin types and even my oily skin does not complaint while I am using this cream.  My skin is still clear and it has not clogged pores or made the skin greasy slimy etc which can eventually give me breakout. Therefore, I happily recommend this cream for the night time. I have also recommended this cream to my acquaintances who asked me about a good night creams in general. My mum has dry skin and she likes this too as the cream is light but moisturizes her skin. It’s just that there are some days, when she has to take some more of this cream when her skin is very dry.

Best Skin whitening Night Creams In India

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How I use my Night creams:

I will cleanse my face using my favorite or the daily face wash. I like to face washes that contains ingredients like neem, tea tree etc as they help keep my skin clean and free of the acne and pimples. So, once I am done with my face wash, I will then pat dry the face and apply my tea tree toner. Yes, during summers, I always use skin toners which help to get rid of the oils left after the face washing and also declog the pores. Then, I would apply the cream in a dotting way. I dot the creams on my cheeks, chin, cheeks and nose, then would apply and blend the cream after application, I also dab my finger tips all over the face which makes the cream get insider the skin nicely.

Pros of Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream

Price is affordable and one can get it even on budget

Himalaya creams are available in stores very abundantly and in the online stores

Texture is easy to blend

It is lightweight cream for all skin types

People with oily skin will like it as this is non greasy

Fragrance is nice and non over powering

Cream is rich in the Water lily and Tomato Extracts that are excellent to impart nutrition to the skin

It suits the oily acne prone skin as well due to its non comedogenic formula

Gets absorbed in skin after little massaging

Gives adequate hydration and moisture but not for the dry skin alike

Skin does not feel heavy or greasy even if you have oily skin

Dermatologically and clinically tested

Cons of Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream

At times, my mum who has got dry skin feels that she needs more moisture. So, the cream is a bit less on hydration for those people who have very dry skin like in winters.

Glass packaging is not very travel friendly

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream is a very good and non greasy skin cream that is appropriate for all skin types, yes even for the oily and acne prone skin but definitely not for the dry skin in harsh winter season, as in winters dry skin needs extreme moisture at night. But other than that this cream can suit most of the skin types to give moisture and reviving at night.

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