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Destination wedding: Ideas for Wedding Planning

Destination Wedding: A wedding which is held outside of your town on a specific place of your choice is widely known as a destination wedding. Often the destination wedding and the following honeymoon is celebrated on the same resort venue. People are now getting fad up of city weddings.

Everybody wants to have a marriage ceremony away from their hustle and bustle city life. So choosing a romantic wedding destination is becoming a trend nowadays. To make your marriage ceremony memorable for a lifetime, you need to select a destination that would be worth getting married at. Just imagine yourself in a cozy, warm, exotic, and luxurious atmosphere with your family and friends with delicious food and fantastic music. 

Destination wedding

Sometimes a destination planning can even be less expensive than planning a wedding at home because destination weddings have fewer guests compared to weddings at home. Also, there are some resorts which offer free marriages on a specific number of room bookings. And imagine about the added vacation level relaxation you can have pre-wedding.

Reason to have a Destination Wedding Ceremony

 It is once in a lifetime opportunity to hold a wedding at a romantic place among all your loved ones. A theme-based wedding ceremony at some exotic location can make it memorable for a lifetime for you and all your guests too. Don’t want to take stress in standard wedding planning? A destination wedding is an answer. A destination wedding can be relaxed and casual as you like. You can incorporate any of your wild or fun ideas. Destination weddings can be luxurious or simple as the bridal couple desires, and they are within reach for every budget type.

The Pros and Cons of having a Destination Wedding

Like everything in life, a destination wedding has both pros and cons. Before a couple decides to hold a destination wedding, they must consider all the pros and cons. It will let them choose the best idea for their special day.


Less stress

  • There is no need to stress yourself to arrange the stay, food for the guests. Its all managed by the resort and within the resort. The pre-designed wedding packages are made by professionals who take all the stress themselves. You have to express your idea of a destination wedding, and it will be managed by the professionals wedding planners themselves.


  • You may think a destination wedding would be expensive but its all upon what budget you decide for your wedding and then choose a place accordingly. Couples can have a large or small wedding and control their spending. The discount you get to book a certain number of rooms in a resort can benefit your budget. A less number of guests and they pay their way to the location can suit your budget.

A bonus vacation

  • With a destination wedding a bonus vacation for you and your guests come along. The relaxing pre-wedding time and the post-wedding time can be a fun vacation time too. When everyone is in the same place, setting up a rehearsal dinner meet- up will allow the couple to catch up with all their family and friends. With a traditional wedding, it is a hard task to go on each table and meet up all the guests. But in a destination wedding, guests arrive a day or two before the ceremony getting you all the time to meet up and have a pleasant time with them. 

Grooms get involved

  • We can agree to the fact that grooms aren’t 100% involved when it comes to the wedding ceremony. But a destination wedding can make a groom excited and make them help out in the planning of the wedding.

All these are some pros which can attract you to have a destination wedding, but there are cons also when it comes to a destination wedding. So we can tell you some drawbacks before you plan your wedding.


Long-distance problems

  • Choosing a very far destination in your town comes with a lot of troubles. Some guests may not be able to make it due to the expense. The difficulty of getting time out of their busy jobs and age issues can cause some guests not make it to the ceremony. Before you put down wedding deposit, you must talk to some of your closed people who you think are truly essential for your wedding. Sometimes cost is a blocker then you can pay some for the fare for the guests you want to have as guests on your special day.

Legal issues

  • There are some legal actions and requirements in every country the needed to be followed to get your marriage to be legal. The couple needs to research and understand what documents they will need at that specific place to get your wedding to be legal. Many couples have skipped this step only to learn later that their marriage was not legal. 

Honeymoon around family and friends

  • Getting married is a very special moment for anyone. But what about the honeymoon around your loved ones? Of course, you are in a dream place with your love, but can you spend a romantic time with your love with your family around?  Arranging a romantic place for your honeymoon afterward your marriage or anyway arranging a quality time together should bethink while wedding planning.

A destination wedding can be an excellent idea, but there are some sacrifices a couple has to make. But professional wedding planners can make it enjoyable and a memorable moment for the rest of your life. Just keep all the pros and cons before you plan your wedding.

Destination wedding

Destination Wedding Packages & Locations

Choosing a place which attracts you the most, convenient for your guest and in your budget is the key to destination weddings. In any corner of the world, you can find some remarkable islands, resorts, hotels, marriage gardens, and other excellent places.

When it comes to a beach destination wedding, sandy toes, salty kisses, and the soft blowing breeze are sure to Accenture the romantic feel. A destination wedding in Indian historical palaces and forts can bring back you in the 18th century giving it a Maharaja touch with all those elephants and other cultural rituals back then. Here are some of the best locations where you can get married without any second thought.

Caribbean Destinations

Choosing Caribbean islands for your special day can be a great idea with all the exotic food and awesome music. While an average modern wedding at home costs around $20,000 to $40,000. There are resorts on Caribbean islands which offers free to only $2000 for your destination wedding ceremony excluding the stay. Usually, a full week stay on the islands’ all-inclusive resorts can cost you $3,000 to $6,000. So if you have a budget of $40,000.

There is a lot you can do, fly down your guests to the destination location, exotic food, and music for three days of accommodation. The romantic atmosphere of eloping, or with all your loved ones gathered together for your special day on resorts of Caribbean resorts, it’s both beautiful always. There are hundreds of resorts in Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Antigua, the Bahamas, Grenada, and Barbados, which can make your wedding kissed by the intoxicating beauty of the Caribbean.

African Destinations

If you want something truly exotic and the place which probably will impress your friends, you should consider having it in Africa. From the heart of the Kenyan savanna to the middle of the desert, to the most romantic island you can think of, there are so many incredible places you can have your special day arranged.

Golf estates, resorts, hotels in the wilderness, white sandy beaches, lush tropical gardens, beautiful sand dunes, these venues cater to both intimate and extravagant weddings. Each venue has its advantage, leaving you & your guests in awe. The waterfront package comes along with cruise ships to make you enjoy sunsets and music. African destination wedding packages can include food, music, safaris, games, fun hunting, river cruises, and much more in your budget.

Australia & New Zealand Destination

Blessed with natural beauty these two beautiful countries can make your wedding memorable for a lifetime for you and your guests. The Australian outback with its wild wilderness and the beautiful and romantic places of New Zealand will mesmerize you. Beautiful long white sand beaches, blue waters, diver’s places, and its unique culture New Zealand is such a fantastic idea for your marriage. Post marriage honeymoon at these places can really boost love between a couple. Adventure sports, hiking, skating, and much more to offer these cool and unusual places will attract you to trust me.

Hawaii Destinations

Dreaming of tropical sunshine, sandy toes, and world-class beaches? Let your romance blossom at Hawaiian flowers. With its popularity and romantic places all around caters to both intimate and extravagant weddings, Hawaiian wedding destinations offer all-inclusive packages that include everything from a spectacular waterfront ceremony spot to a couch shell blessing and dinner under the stars.

European Destinations

Europe is filled with small but so many countries with different cultures. You can even call Europe the paradise of earth. With so much to offer European wedding destinations are trending among people. One of the main attractions is to have post-wedding honeymoon packages, this way you can visit the whole of Europe in your budget. Your honeymoon starts as early as you say ‘I DO.’ The outstanding food, music, drinks, and local friendliness goes without saying. If you imagine a fairy tale wedding, you can choose anywhere in Europe. The price tag might be one of the downsides, but it is not unaffordable if you pick your dates well.

Indian Destinations

Ever seen big fat Indian weddings on TV shows? All those palaces, forts, elephants, the loud music and delicious food, you can also add this to your special day. Budget-friendly, full of royalty, unique food and culture and do not forget the amazing people who are always there to support you if you are in any need. 

Luxury Wedding Destination

There are several other places for your destination wedding

–    Fiji destinations

–    Thailand destinations

–    Las Vegas

–    Miami

–    Rome

–    The Maldives

–    Mauritius

–    Prague 

–    Bali

–    Sri Lanka

–    Polar destinations

All these beautiful destinations are full of amazing and incredible places and resorts you can choose for your special day.

Wedding Destination Ideas

The beautiful thing about a destination wedding is that you can choose the place you like and you can plan your wedding with wedding planners.

Theme wedding

  • It is one of the great ideas to have a theme-based destination wedding. You can choose a theme of dress code, ancient times, ninja-themed, fairy tale themed, etc. for your destination wedding. One of my friends has yellow as his favorite color, so he arranged a yellow dress code for everyone for the wedding and trust me, it was so exciting and bright that everybody loved the concept.

Pre-wedding vacation

  • You all can gather at your destination two or three days before your wedding, this way you get to meet and spend time with each guest and family member. Also, you guys can have pre-wedding vacation time for fun games, visit places together, and hang around. You all can even join some events nearby to know more about the place and culture.

Honeymoon planning

  • The night of your special day must be spent away from all friends and family. The couple must pre-book a honeymoon place to avoid being with their loved ones were nearby. 

Food carnival

  • You can imagine the fun and creative names for your wedding food to be served. You can choose a theme for your wedding food and drinks.


  • You can get creative with the jewelry to replace the old and boring ornaments with natural flowers and other things. A lot can be done with the ceremony rituals, and you can get inspired by other culture fun rituals and add them to you too.

War –

  • This one is one of my favorite ideas for a fantastic wedding. You can plan a fake funny war between the families of the bride and groom. This can make a wedding funny and enjoyable instead of boring. Ancient war clothes theme can be planned in this war theme wedding.

Here are some more cool and creative ideas for a destination wedding 

–    Dress your groomsmen as superheroes

–    Pop a bottle of champagne before the ceremony 

–     Your pet as your Ringbearer 

–    Get a celebrity impersonator to rock out your reception 

–    Get a bounce house 

–    Beer pong is also an amazing idea to add

–    Have your wedding arranged at a farm to involve all those funny animals

–    Get custom cake toppers in a fun way

–    A spa visit for all the guest 

–    Fun carnival for the reception 

–    White papers for your guests to write the couple honeymoon ideas, naughty, huh? 😛 

Maybe you can add any of these ideas to your wedding or perhaps you can get more creative than us, so do not forget to tell us your views in comments.

Destination Wedding Planner

Destination Wedding Planner

As a destination wedding planner, you must be creative and client support. A destination wedding planner’s job is to give the couple the exact experience they have imagined in their mind within their budget. There are some essential points a wedding planner must follow.


A wedding planner must be creative with his own ideas of planning a wedding, but he also must include the client’s opinions too. To provide the exact experience the client demands, you must get creative but stay within the client’s demands.

Choosing The Destination

To help the client to select the destination will make it easy for you and them to organize the wedding ceremony. Ask their preferences, and what is in their mind, you must be able to let them know most places according to their choice. All the details just to be told to them about and the nearby places about the location.


It is the first thing the couple, and the guests note, so always try your best to decorate the place according to the theme, preferences, and creativity of the client.


This is something nobody compromises with, a hygienically prepared delicious food is the crucial thing for a wedding planner. Food must be prepared according to the wedding theme and must be served hygienically. Drinks, cakes, everything must be fresh and on the time as no couple wants to take stress on their special day. This is why the wedding planner are hired to do all the work.

Other Services

From the makeup of a bride, photographers and fireworks to all the wedding ceremony must be done carefully and without a hassle on the given time. Below are some services you must take care of.

– Ongoing consultation 

– Decor design and execution

– Pre-wedding function management

– Vendor management

– Security management

– Venue management 

– On day coordination

A special tip for the wedding planners that, you must prepare an album of all the service you have provided earlier or you can provide to express them to the client.

Destination Wedding Dresses

Choosing a destination wedding dress can be hard sometimes, but trust me, you do not need anybody’s approval. Just go with whatever in your mind, size, color, everything must be of your own choice for the special day. Why are we talking about so much about dresses? Let me tell you we are not talking about the couple’s clothing only. We are talking about – 

–    Bridesmaids dresses – often bridesmaids wear the same color and same designed dresses

–    Parents dress – their dress must be according to the theme if there is not a theme-based wedding, they can wear whatever they think will suit them.

–    Flower girl dress – those little princesses will look good in gowns or dresses.

How to choose

As a starting point, lightweight silk, chiffon, or lace are ideal fabrics to look for. For a seaside bride seeking a full gown, simpler, fluid shapes, and figure faltering are the best. Loosely woven lace, relaxed embroidery, flouncy tiers, and sheer panels give a simpler silhouette a beachy feel but are elegant and eye-catching details for those craving more design. So long as your dress is breathable and flowy, it will be picture perfect again the blue water. It is all about choosing a wedding dress which suits your personality.

The black-tie wedding attire for men

The most basic and formal dress code consists of the black bow tie, black tuxedo, white tux shirt. Bright colors are a big no as the neckties, but there are several other ways you can set yourself apart. Choosing a dress according to the wedding theme or the preferences of the bride is a must. Because this is the day, you do not want your wife to be to scold you for not wearing her choice for you :P.

Destination Wedding Invitations

People are using fresh and creative ideas for their destination weddings. Along with original words they have chooses to invite guest they can send some gifts along with like a packet of dry fruit, watches, ties, even air ticket if that fit into their budget. I have also seen some people sending HD tablets with their wedding invitation video inside. What must be kept in mind is to share all the information regarding the wedding ceremony timings and destination.

There is an interesting idea about your wedding invitations. You can select the paper designs according to your wedding theme, or you can also represent your destination getting some pictures of destination printed on invitation cards. Make sure to make it beautiful by selecting the colors, texture, and the details of the venue. Also, you can turn your wedding invitation into a beautiful map for the location of your wedding. You can get creative in so many ways; start thinking ideas will flourish in your mind.

Popular wedding invitation types

–    Postcard wedding invitations

–    Destination inspired wedding invitations

–    Adorable and cute greeting wedding invitation cards

–    Box wedding invitations

–    Audio and video wedding invitations

These are some essentials when it comes to a destination wedding. You can also prepare a thank you note for each guest in advance. Make sure you tell us any other creative idea one can use for his/her destination wedding. We wish you a very happy married life if you are here to get some ideas for your destination wedding.

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