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april 28, 2024


Top K-pop 3rd gen oldest members

Pratyusha Dash

Image Credits- BIGHIT MUSIC

BTS’ Jin

Jin is BTS's eldest member, known for his vocals and the nickname Worldwide Handsome. He's confident, funny, and a dependable presence within the group

Jisoo is the oldest member and the third member to join BLACKPINK. She holds the role of lead vocalist and is recognized as the group's visual

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S.Coups, SEVENTEEN's oldest member, serves as the General Leader, leading the Hip-Hop Team and serving as the Main Rapper

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Nayeon, the eldest member of TWICE, is regarded as the group's face. She excels as a lead vocalist, lead dancer, and occupies the central position within the group's performances

Image Credits- JYP Entertainment

TWICE’s Nayeon

Xiumin, one of EXO-M's lead vocalists and lead dancers, represents one of the two Korean members of the group, alongside Chen

Image Credits- SM Entertainment

EXO’s Xiumin 

Mark holds the distinction of being the oldest member of GOT7. Within the group, he fulfills the roles of Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, and Visual

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GOT7’s Mark

She leads the girl group MAMAMOO and its sub-unit MAMAMOO+, showcasing her talents as both a vocalist and leader


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Taeil is the eldest member of the boy group NCT and contributes his vocal talents to the group's dynamic sound

Image Credits- SM Entertainment

NCT’s Taeil

Irene holds the roles of both the oldest member and leader of the South Korean girl group Red Velvet. Additionally, she showcases her talents as a vocalist, lead dancer, main rapper, visual, and center of the group

Red Velvet’s Irene

Image Credits- SM Entertainment

He leads the South Korean boy group Monsta X and joined its first official sub-unit, Shownu X Hyungwon, in 2023

Monsta X’s Shownu

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