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april 28, 2024


Top 10 reasons to watch Lovely Runner

Pratyusha Dash

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Adorable lead cast

Kim Hye Yoon known for Extraordinary You and Byeon Woo Seok loved for his role in 20th Century Girl are both highly talented actors

The plot of getting a second chance to save your ultimate idol from a tragic fate by traveling back in time is incredibly intriguing

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Time-slip plot

Experiencing events through Im Sol's (Kim Hye Yoon) perspective as she tries to save her bias, with unexpected twists along the way, adds an intriguing layer to the story

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Im Sol’s POV

Exploring Sun Jae's (Byeon Woo Seok) journey as an idol, delving into his past and the events that led to his tragic end, all while intertwining a romantic twist is sweet to watch

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Sun Jae’s POV

The heart-fluttering romance between Im Sol and Sun Jae will have you kicking your feet in delight

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Heart-fluttering romance

The umbrellas hold a significant metaphorical connection, hinting at the lead couple's relationship. Keeping an eye out for such subtle symbolism adds intrigue to the viewing experience

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There's non-stop belly-aching comedy as each character brings their own brand of humor to the table


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The supporting cast, featuring talents like Song Geon Hee, N.Flying’s Lee Seung Hyub, Jung Young Joo, Kim Won Hae, and Song Ji Ho, adds richness to the ensemble

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Side Cast

The love triangle involving Sun Jae, Im Sol, and Tae Sung is captivating, with fans eagerly anticipating its development and feeling the tug of the second lead syndrome

Love triangle 

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The essence of Lovely Runner lies in its healing and comforting premise, as the lead cast navigates through struggles with dreams, hopes, and the complexities of life


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