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april 28, 2024


K-dramas with multiple couples

Pratyusha Dash

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Because This Is My First Life

Se Hee, a highly practical man, chooses to marry Ji-ho, an aspiring writer known for her sweet nature. His reason? To ensure she remains his tenant without facing societal scrutiny

A group of college students living in a boarding house forms deep bonds and find solace in each other's company as they navigate the challenges of life together over the years

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Reply 1994

In their thirties, Jinju, Eun-jung, and Hanju, the closest of friends, tread distinct paths in careers and relationships. Despite life's trials, their unwavering support for one another serves as a constant refuge, offering solace and strength through life's ups and downs

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Be Melodramatic

Five doctors, friends since undergrad, share a love for music while working at the same hospital

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Hospital Playlist

A wealthy and self-absorbed CEO of a thriving company finds himself captivated by a humble stuntwoman. As he attempts to win her heart, he grapples with a whirlwind of conflicting emotions

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Secret Garden

To finance their movie-making dream, three clueless men venture into opening a guest house called Waikiki, despite their lack of knowledge of how to manage it

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Welcome to Waikiki

Publicist Oh Han Byul faces challenges handling rising star Gong Tae Sung until sparks fly between them

Shooting Stars

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Yun Tae O opens his home to friends dealing with personal issues, leading to a journey of love, friendship, and everything in between

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My First First Love

Multiple stories unfold on bustling Jeju Island, where romance proves both sweet and bitter, and life is a rollercoaster of ups and downs for its inhabitants living and working there

Our Blues

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A passionate architect falls deeply in love with a free-spirited woman and embarks on a journey through the streets of Seoul to reunite with her

Lovestruck in The City

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