Top Toys for the 2019 Christmas Season

Top Toys for the 2019 Christmas Season

Top Toys: There will be plenty of attractive toys to find in the 2019 Christmas season. You can find many of these toys are retail stores throughout the country, although you might want to get on it quickly. There’s a chance some of these toys may sell out fast.

Top Toys

LeapFrog Smart Sizzlin’ BBQ Grill

LeapFrog makes fun educational toys for children. This BBQ grill toy helps kids to learn how to place foods on a grill and to identify specific foods and their colors. The number dial can be turned to help kids learn to count. The restaurant will also let the user know if the restaurant is too hot or cold, or if the restaurant needs to be closed up.

Fisher-Price Code Learn Kinderbot

Coding is something that has become a big deal, and the famous Fisher-Price toy company is getting in on the trend. The Kinderbot works by having a child enter in a code to control how the robot moves. The toy teaches kids about math, shapes, colors, and other things. The design works with many brilliant colors and effects all around to add to the fun.

Zuru Pets Alive Boppi the Booty Shakin’ Llama!

The Pets Alive line features many fun interactive animals. Boppy is a llama that can dance to three different songs. She has a few

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Disney Toy Story 4 Walking Buzz Lightyear

It’s no surprise that the Toy Story universe has produced many real-life toys. This walking Buzz Lightyear toy produces many animated effects, including the ability to walk short distances. Buzz can go backward and forward. He can also recite many of his famous lines.

CuteTitos Mystery Stuffed Animals

CuteTitos animals come in packages that look like burritos. Open the burrito blanket to reveal one of twelve cute pets. Each pet has a blanket alongside a collectible card.

Baby Shark Official Dancing Doll

Pinkfong’s Baby Shark has become a viral sensation. The official dancing doll features the cute yellow Baby Shark. Squeeze him to watch him dance to the tune of the song. Say his name to hear some fun reactions. The doll will be attractive to kids who love the Baby Shark, although it may be a whimsical gift for Washington Nationals fans too.

OranguTwang Game

The world of board games is always evolving, and OranguTwang is the latest one for kids to enjoy. Kids will take turns hanging fruit and other small animals off of an orangutan. But after a while, he’ll spring up and send all the fruit and animals flying. Kids will play to see how many things they can hang before the orangutan goes off.

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Sphero 2 Ring Specdrums

The last thing to see is this fun Sphero Specdrums set. The toy comes with an app-enabled setup that uses a pair of musical rings that can be applied to many things. A playing pad is included to help prepare sounds based on the colors they are in contact with. But the set works for any surface that one wants to use. A user can prepare music and sounds off of any color in any area when linked to the app.

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