The Greek philosopher Heraclitus declared, “Change is the only constant in life.” But what happens if plans alter after purchasing an order for money and then drop it off in the mail? If it is lost or becomes lost?

In the case of most money order service providers, like USPS, Western Union, and MoneyGram You can choose to stop the transaction. For this, submit a request form or bring the money purchase to where the money order was purchased. Take identification with you and any details that you’ve got about your money order in order to begin the procedure. It is best to have an original receipt for your money order transaction.

If it is a success, the issuer is required to return the money usually within 60 days.

The earlier you get involved sooner, the better. If the money order ends up being accepted or cashed and you don’t act fast, you’ll have an even more difficult time getting the money returned. Find out more regarding the process.

How to Cancel a Money Order

It is necessary to complete formalities to end a money purchase. It could be done in person, but you could be able to complete the process remotely. As an example, with Western Union, you can forward the form to mail or by fax.


Sending your application in person could be the best method. Someone from the company may be able to confirm your compliance with all the prerequisites as well as you won’t need to wait for documents to arrive in the mail. It could take a while for the organization to conduct an investigation, but.

There is no need to visit the same establishment you bought your money order, though there are times when it is beneficial. It is possible to go to any post office that is able to handle USPS money orders. Also, there are many branch locations within the same bank credit union.

Forms You Need to Cancel a Money Order

If you want to begin the process right away and to review the requirements, go to the site of customer service to find your money order issuer:

Save your receipt every time you purchase a money order. It is recommended to present your receipt for cancellations as it is filled with important details such as the number of your money order as well as other information.

If you do not have a receipt, collect all the information you can. A photo of the initial money order will be useful. If you don’t have a receipt, the issuing bank may be able identify your money order but they might charge you additional costs. And there’s always the possibility that they will not be able to locate the cash order without a receipt.

If You Still Have the Original Money Order

If you have your original money order it’s not necessary to be concerned whether it’ll be cashable. The return of the original document to the provider can accelerate the process of refund.

How Long Does a Money Order Refund Take?

When you make your request to cancel and the issuer of your money order investigates the order and determine if it’s been paid for. If it’s still unpaid and you’re eligible for a refund or replacement (less any charges) in accordance with the issuer.

The process should be between 30 and 60 days. The timeframe will vary based on how complex the issue is. It’s an extended period of time. If they are approved certain issuers will offer refunds as well as an alternative money purchase (which is payable directly to you).

If someone has deposited or cashed the purchase, then you’ll usually receive an image of the money order to see who signed the money order as well as the time. If there was fraud or theft at play, the document may assist you as well as police officials in tracking the perpetrators. The information can also aid to recover your funds (if the institution that issued the funds didn’t authentically confirm the identity of the person who made the cash payment, such as).

Fees for Canceling Money Orders

Refusing to cancel a money transfer or realizing that it’s late to cancel it–will cost the customer. Western Union and MoneyGram charge fees of up to $18 for processing. The cost could rise in the event that you do not have proof of the receipt you received originally or you wish to speed up the procedure. For a replacement of the lost or stolen USPS money order costs $6.95.


It is recommended to send a payments along with the cancellation request. In certain cases it is possible that the cost could be taken out of the refund. However, it can also cause delays when the money order has been cashable (because there’s no place to draw the money from).

Money Orders You Receive

If you get a check through a money order, then you may be wondering if this is the most secure form of payment. Or if your customer can make a payment cancellation. To ensure your security, pay you should either cash the money or make a deposit on the order as soon as you can. This reduces the chance of issues, such as someone annulling the money-order.

Two major risks that to be aware of when you are paid by money order include:

  • The money order is counterfeit.
  • The customer may make a change to the money order prior to you can cash it.

There are counterfeit money orders fraudsters frequently use them to carry out online frauds. Try to validate your payment by contacting the issuer prior to sending products, however the best way to ensure security is to make the money order through the person who issued it. Be aware that banks may let you pay a money order all of the value however, they may later pursue you to pay for the money if your money order’s value is not as high. It is therefore essential that you pay the money order to the bank that issued it.

Resources for Canceling Money Orders

If you have to cancel a cash order is best to talk directly to the individual who was the person who issued it. If you’re trying to figure out the procedure prior to the time of cancellation it’s a good idea examine the following documents as well as additional information from each issuer


To get the most current forms and fastest support, you should contact the money order company you trust promptly, and obtain documents directly from them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the length of time a money Order Valid?

Most money orders do not come with expiration dates. Some institutions, however, may require a fee when cashing money orders older than couple of years older. If you’re holding a money order that you do not wish to cash make sure you cancel the order.

How Do You Track a Lost Money Order?

If you’re uncertain if an order for money has been made cashable, you may make contact with the bank that issued the money order to find out. MoneyGram, Western Union, USPS Local banks and USPS are all different in their methods of monitoring missing money orders. Each of these will have a cost to use the service.

How Do You Correct a Mistake on a Money Order?

If you’ve made an error when you issue an money order and you don’t have the option of changing the original order. The order will need to be cancelled and then issue a fresh one.

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