best ladies handbag brands in india

Best Ladies Hand Bag Brands in India

Handbag is one of the most used and important accessory that women can’t do without. Here we have compiled this list for the best handbag brands in India. So, all those brand conscious and quality loving women can go for these brands for their next purchase. Even boyfriend should know about these brands as a good handbag can be a good gift for your wife or girlfriend and same applies you’re your loving sister and mother.

Anyways, let’s check this list of the top ladies handbag brands available in India.

Top Ladies Handbags Brands in India (2021)

1. Lavie

lavie handbag brand

The Handbag is not mere an accessory, but it completes the outfit of the wearer. It is one of the most famous brands in India. Lavie target customers are young and growing who desire unique and stylish pieces to carry every day. The sell their collections in various malls and stores covered under 20 cities of India. Their range starts from Rs 1500 around.

2. Baggit

ladies handbag

This brand is owned by Nina Lekhi who has expanded her chain of this brand from the year 2000. Baggit is a popular brand among men and women mainly for their bags, wallets and belts. They also sell good quality men’s accessories. The net worth of this brand is more than 50 crores presently.

3. Caprese

ladies handbag

Caprese is an imported brand launched in India by VIP industries. It was a launched in 2012 in India and got good response from customers. Now they have more than 400 outlets in 100 plus cities. Their range starts from 2000 thousand rupees to 7000 thousand.

4. Cathy London

ladies handbag

This is an Indian brand with British essence. They chose quality over quantity at the time of manufacturing. The look of such bags is stylish, lavish and luxurious. Cathy London designers work their best on the unique and inspire the design of the bags that can attract the eyes of every other person.

5. From Milan

da milano ladies handbag

You will be surprised to know, but this is an Indian brand who earned a huge name in just a short period of time. They have high quality and design which can compete top high brands in the world. They generate more than 150 crore revenue in a year and most of that comes from India. They have some serious goals for expansion in mid-eastern countries.

6. Charles & Keith

ladies handbag

This brand has a footprint in Asia, Europe, mid-east and Italy. It is a Singaporean brand which sells footwear and accessories. Charles and Keith brand was founded in 1996 and their first store was at the Amara shopping center. They have a very elegant and sophisticated style of bags which can be carried everywhere.

7. HiDesign

ladies handbag

Hidesign is a footwear and accessory brand located in Pondicherry, India. It has many outlets and stores across the country with latest collection and loyal customers. They usually have men’s formal wear shoe collection and men’s accessories like wallet, tie and cufflinks. This brand is famous for its leather goods all over India. The brand sells superior quality accessories that are not only long lasting but has comfy texture and material.

8. Kenneth Cole

This is an American fashion house opened in 1982 by Kenneth Cole. It was initially started in manufacturing and selling footwear, but later on began their bag range. This brand collection is also imported in India. Their collection is very classy and each woman can relate it with herself without considering the age and other factors.

9. Micheal Kors

Michael Kors is an American Sportswear designer who started producing and selling a varied range of goods from sportswear to bags and other accessories. Michael Kors comes under the top luxury brands of the world. It has a huge distribution channel system which helps the Indian customers to buy the brand products.

10. Linen Dogs

ladies handbag lino

This brand comes under the SAPL group. It is a huge group started by Sanjay Dua in 1999. The group has multiple parts like real estate, financial services, retail merchandise, etc. Lino Perros is a good quality brand which showcases their collection in most of the cities. The brand sells fashion accessories which include bags, belts, wallet and other essentials. They have a budget friendly collection in India, which has style and charm.

These are the best handbag brands available in India. Which is your favorite handbag brand?

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