10 Simple Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs 2017

Mehndi, also known as henna, is a cherished tradition that has adorned hands and feet for centuries. This art form, originating from ancient cultures, has evolved with modern aesthetics while preserving its rich heritage. Arabic mehndi designs, known for their elaborate and flowing patterns, are particularly popular for their elegance and beauty. In this article, we delve into 10 simple yet stunning Arabic mehndi designs that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re a bride-to-be or simply love mehndi, these designs will captivate you.

1. Floral Trails

Floral patterns are a hallmark of Arabic mehndi designs. The floral trails design features a series of flowers connected by graceful, swirling lines. This design typically starts from the wrist and extends to the fingers, creating a delicate and feminine look. The beauty of floral trails lies in their simplicity and the way they enhance the natural elegance of the hands.

2. Peacock Motif

The peacock is a symbol of beauty and grace, making it a popular motif in mehndi designs. The peacock motif design combines intricate detailing with bold outlines, creating a stunning visual effect. This design usually includes the peacock’s head and body on the back of the hand, with its feathers extending towards the fingers or wrist. The intricate detailing of the feathers adds a touch of sophistication to the overall look.

3. Paisley Patterns

Paisley patterns are timeless and versatile, making them a favorite in Arabic mehndi designs. These designs feature teardrop-shaped motifs filled with intricate details. Paisley patterns can be used to create a full-hand design or as accents in a larger composition. Their curved lines and detailed filling make them a beautiful and intricate option for mehndi enthusiasts.

4. Lace Gloves

For a modern twist on traditional mehndi, the lace gloves design is a perfect choice. This design mimics the look of delicate lace gloves, with intricate patterns covering the back of the hand and fingers. The open spaces within the design give it a light and airy feel, making it an elegant option for formal occasions. Lace gloves mehndi designs are both sophisticated and contemporary, blending traditional art with modern fashion.

5. Bracelet and Ring

The bracelet and ring design is perfect for those who prefer minimalistic yet elegant mehndi. This design focuses on creating a bracelet-like pattern around the wrist and a ring on one or more fingers. The connecting lines and motifs between the bracelet and ring add a cohesive and stylish touch. This design is ideal for those who want a subtle yet beautiful mehndi look.

6. Arabic Vines

Inspired by nature, Arabic vines designs feature swirling vines and leaves that wrap around the fingers and extend up the hand. These designs are characterized by their flowing lines and natural elements, creating a serene and organic look. Arabic vines mehndi designs are perfect for outdoor events or nature-themed celebrations, offering a touch of elegance and beauty.

7. Geometric Elegance

Geometric patterns bring a modern edge to traditional mehndi designs. The geometric elegance design incorporates shapes such as squares, triangles, and diamonds, arranged in intricate patterns. These designs are both bold and sophisticated, making them suitable for those who appreciate clean lines and contemporary aesthetics. Geometric mehndi designs are versatile and can be customized to suit individual preferences.

8. Mandala Magic

Mandala designs are known for their symmetry and intricate details. The mandala magic design features a central circular motif with layers of patterns radiating outwards. This design can cover the palm or back of the hand, creating a mesmerizing and balanced look. Mandala mehndi designs are not only beautiful but also carry a sense of harmony and spiritual significance.

9. Finger Accents

For a minimalist approach, finger accents are an excellent choice. This design focuses on decorating the fingers with delicate patterns, leaving the rest of the hand bare. Finger accents can include small floral motifs, geometric shapes, or intricate lines. This design is perfect for those who want a subtle and chic mehndi look that highlights the elegance of their fingers.

10. Full-Hand Splendor

For a truly stunning look, the full-hand splendor design covers the entire hand with intricate patterns. This design combines various elements such as floral motifs, paisley patterns, and geometric shapes to create a cohesive and elaborate look. Full-hand mehndi designs are ideal for brides or those attending special occasions, as they offer a striking and luxurious appearance.

Tips for Applying Mehndi

  1. Choose Quality Henna: Ensure you use natural, high-quality henna for the best color and longevity. Avoid chemical-laden products that can harm your skin.
  2. Prepare Your Skin: Clean your hands and exfoliate gently to remove any oils or dead skin. This helps the henna adhere better and results in a darker stain.
  3. Practice Precision: Use a fine-tipped applicator for intricate designs. Practicing on paper or a practice hand can help you perfect your technique.
  4. Allow Adequate Drying Time: Let the mehndi dry completely before scraping off the paste. This ensures the design develops fully and lasts longer.
  5. Moisturize Regularly: After removing the henna paste, apply a natural oil like coconut or olive oil to keep the skin moisturized and enhance the color.


Arabic mehndi designs are a beautiful way to celebrate cultural heritage while embracing modern aesthetics. Whether you prefer simple and elegant patterns or elaborate and intricate designs, there is a mehndi style to suit every taste. These 10 simple latest Arabic mehndi designs offer a range of options for any occasion, ensuring your hands look stunning and elegant. Embrace the art of mehndi and enjoy the beauty it brings to your life.

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