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Mehendi designs – An Art For Every Girl

Mehendi designs – An Art For Every Girl.

Marriage is most possibly the best event of anyone’s life. In the Indian, Pakistani and the Arabic culture though no marriage can be considered to be auspicious without the ritual of Mehendi.

For many who do not have an idea about it, Mehendi is a mixture of the Henna powder and many other essential things that imparts in the colour making process on the skin. This is generally an eastern tattoo that one may have to wear during the rituals and the ceremony and also can be worn by the people anytime they want.

Mehendi designs
Mehendi designs

This is one of the most important things that girls love but there is no hard and fast rules that a girl only can wear Mehendi. In many cultures, a boy is also permitted to wear the same.

What does the Mehendi do?

The basic purpose that mehendi serves is very much similar to that of what a tattoo does. The Mehendi just has many differences in terms of characteristics to the tattoo. The Mehendi cannot be having various colours apart from 3.

These are the orange, dark red and black. Also unlike the tattoos the mehendi stays only for a month or half more. They are temporary and also do not cause any kind of harm. The mehendi can be applied any hour of the day without any fear of blood or pain. Also the mehendi remains on the skin and not beneath it.

Many a times mehendi serves the purpose of cooling. Applying mehendi on the palms and under the legs can give one a great amount of relief from extreme heat. They tend to calm down the nerves. Mehendi is mostly used for designing the arms and the legs and also to look pretty in an Indian dress.

Mehendi designs
Bridal Mehendi Designs For 2020 Brides 1

The famous mehendi designs:

There are many designs that are available for mehendi. But the most famous are as the following:

  • The Pakistani Mehendi Designs: the Pakistani mehendi designs are definitely renowned. They are beautiful and unique. The best part about these mehendi designs are the very fact that they are modified with the time. They always adapt to the latest trend. Imparting their own sense of culture into it. The people outside the country very well accept the Pakistani mehendi designs


  • The Arabic Mehendi Designs: these are the designs that are not only renowned in their countries or in the countries nearby but all over the world. The Arabic mehendi designs are mostly simple and not bunched in. But makes it look more special apart from the simplicity that it carries is the fact that these designs are very artistic and has a lot of floral influences on them. The Arabic Mehendi is mostly black in colour and they are loved by anyone who understands the concept of mehendi.


  • The Indian Mehendi designs: these designs can be often found to be red in colour and that too dark red. They evolve with time and also modernize themselves.

Mehendi is extremely special for a girl or a man born in the culture of Mehendi accepting society. Even the foreigners seem to fall in love with the same, once they visit here.

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