25 outstanding Bridal Mehndi Designs of 2018 for weddings

Bridal Mehndi Designs: Are you wondering about the best and awesome wedding mehndi designs of 2018 for weddings?

Then don’t worry “here in this post I’ll show you the best and fabulous marriage mehndi designs of 2018 for wedding ceremonies.

Actually, from past few decades, people are using mehndi designs as an integral part of the marriage functions. In fact, most of the people do believe that without mehndi designs wedding ceremonies are incomplete.

Not only that, history stats that mehndi is an integral part of the culture in countries like India, Pakistan, middle east, Africa and Gulf countries.

At the start, mehndi was mostly used by Asian and Arabic women, as the day’s progress it has spread like wildfire to the western countries, and now you can see mehndi designs in almost every part of the world.

In western countries they renowned the mehndi designs as a tattoo. These so-called tattoos are having lots of craze in western nations and ladies love to try different mehndi tattoo designs on their hands, legs and back as well.

Most of the girls do like to use best mehndi designs while they are going to functions or wedding events because they often know that mehndi gives a new look and adds glamour for them in those function. Apart from that, they can impress others with fabulous mehndi designs.

src=”https://www-tipsclear-com.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Bridal-Mehndi-Designs.jpg” alt=”Bridal Mehndi Designs” width=”720″ height=”480″ /> Mehndi Designs image Pinterest.com

25 outstanding Nuptial Mehndi Designs of 2018 for weddings

Wedding functions are always incomplete with the mehndi ceremony. Nowadays, you can see these mehndi ceremonies in almost every marriage it is the most glamorous and fun-packed pre-wedding event in India. It mostly takes place a day or two days earlier to the marriage date.

You can consider this event as one of the traditional functions of the wedding because this comes from olden days. As we entered into 2018, there is a lot of change in wedding fashion trends, and it usually changes day by day. You can always see fresh, unique and impressive fashion mehndi designs these days.

src=”https://www-tipsclear-com.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Bridal-Mehndi-Designs-1.jpg” alt=”Bridal Mehndi Designs 1″ width=”600″ height=”814″ /> Mehndi Designs 1 Pinterest

Now, if you are thrilled to know about the creative “bridal mehendi designs of 2018” means have a glance at this article. You can get all innovative and creative mehndi designs for wedding ceremonies.

Here in this article, I am mentioning to you the most popular and outstanding bridal mehandi designs of 2018 for wedding ceremonies. We have compiled this best bridal henna designs by doing lots of research on modern trends and trending designs as well.

Bridal Mehendi Designs of 2018 for the wedding:

Have a look at these unique and creative bridal wedding designs and choose the best design which suits you. You can apply these designs to your full hands and foot as well. This will bring you real happiness on the special occasion of your life.

Let’s get started with gorgeous wedding mehndi designs of 2018.


  1. Floral Mehndi Design:


Floral mehndi designs are the trending mehndi designs which capture most of the people attention towards you. This floral mehndi design is phenomenal and it is obviously the most attractive design in wedding ceremonies of Arabic. The radiant floral designs will have a gorgeous look and make your decoration complete.

src=”https://www-tipsclear-com.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Floral-Bridal-Mehndi-Designs.jpg” alt=”Floral Bridal Mehndi Designs” width=”600″ height=”335″ /> Floral Mehndi Designs

Well, some of you might think floral mehndi designs are much older but to be frank, flowers are the most impressive designs which can match with any wedding attire. No matter what dress you wear these floral mehndi designs will match for that marriage attire.

To create this mehndi design you have to start your design with tiny leaves that are perfectly accentuated to the bride’s fingers. After that, you have to design a large flower design with all the shaded design like lines around it. Make this design more appealing simply by adding petals, vines, and other decorative designs. This makes the bride look beautiful and at the same time, it looks very delicate.

  1. The Paisley Styled nuptial mehndi design:

The Paisley print design is a classic yet stylish bridal mehndi design. These days you can see lots of paisley print designs in Indian marriage ceremonies. This design is creative design with curved motifs through the hands in many forms.

src=”https://www-tipsclear-com.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Paisley-Styled-bridal-mehndi-design.jpg” alt=”Paisley Styled bridal mehndi design” width=”640″ height=”586″ /> Paisley Styled mehndi design

Paisley print curved motifs are similar to the mango design. Firstly, this design will have tiny and cute paisleys on the long bride fingertips. You should design larger paisleys on the palm. The combination of these small and curved paisleys will have an attractive and beautiful appearance.

src=”https://www-tipsclear-com.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Paisley-Styled-bridal-mehndi-design-1-819×1024.jpg” alt=”Paisley Styled bridal mehndi design” width=”618″ height=”773″ /> Paisley Styled mehndi design

Always remember, to add a smooth flow to the paisley design along with the strokes which are emphasized in the symmetry method.

  1. The Raja and Rani wedding Mehndi Design:

When you think about wedding bridal mehndi designs most of you might think about the raja and rani mehndi design. It is because this is a common mehndi design which is used for pre-wedding functions and wedding ceremonies.

src=”https://www-tipsclear-com.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Raja-and-Rani-Bridal-Mehndi-Design-756×1024.jpg” alt=”Raja and Rani Bridal Mehndi Design” width=”618″ height=”837″ /> Raja and Rani Mehndi Design  Image by Pinterest.com

The raja and rani design consist of fine artwork of a king and a queen along with the lovely finish on the fingertips and other areas of the wedded hands. In this design, the raja and rani are covered by half a love symbol along with proper curves finishing.

That’s the reason why this is one of the famous and attractive wedded mehndi designs which is coming from the generation. Still, nothing can beat old and yet affective mehndi design.

  1. The Royal Architectural Bridal mehndi design:

The royal architectural motif is one of the detailed and lovely marital mehndi design which covers full hands without many gaps. This very design will apparently remind you of the architectural design of the ancient Mughal palace.

In this mehndi design, you can see lots of floral, paisleys, petals and domes. Firstly, the floral design resembles the royal palace design of ancient Mughals. Secondly, the major paisleys and petals were effectively arranged in the wrist and fingers section.

src=”https://www-tipsclear-com.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Royal-Architectural-Bridal-mehndi-design-1024×705.jpg” alt=”Royal Architectural Bridal mehndi design” width=”618″ height=”425″ /> Royal Architectural mehndi design

Using this design for wedding ceremonies is effective and it is also eye-catching for others. To design this mehndi art all you have to do is create a dome on the palm section and decorate them with tiny petals. Make use of floral elements on your hand and decorate your fingertips with paisleys and petals.

  1. Beautiful Arabic Dark mehndi:

You all might already know about the craze of Arabic mehndi designs. These designs are top class designs which are loved by most of the people throughout the world. The dark look of this design will mesmerize each and every one who sees the artwork.

src=”https://www-tipsclear-com.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Beautiful-Arabic-Dark-mehndi-1024×576.jpg” alt=”Beautiful Arabic Dark mehndi” width=”618″ height=”348″ /> Beautiful Arabic Dark mehndi

The simple outline of this dark mehndi design is “start with the floral and paisley design and then connect those design with the proper dark decoration of the flowers. This is one of the interesting themes which lets you attract people.

  1. The Elephant Mehndi design:

The elephant wedding mehndi design is another artwork which is loved by lots of marriage mehndi designers. This is one of the famous matrimonial mehndi designs in India. The elephant motif mainly consists of patterns and decorative lines.

src=”https://www-tipsclear-com.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Elephant-Bridal-Mehndi-design.jpg” alt=”Elephant Bridal Mehndi design” width=”534″ height=”800″ /> Elephant Mehndi design

Firstly, this artwork will have curvy and swirly patterns to get a unique appearance. After that decorate the other parts of your hands and legs with the same swirly patterns without giving any sort of gaps in between the patters. This is commonly the best marriage mehndi designs that stand apart from normal and casual mehndi designs.

  1. Glittery Mehndi Designs:

The Glittery mehndi designs are mostly used in Arabic style marriages. In this sweet and cute glittery mehndi design, you can see the finely carved henna lines. These carved henna lines are utilized rather than the thick finishing lines just to add the more attractive and shining appearance of the hand.

src=”https://www-tipsclear-com.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Glittery-Mehndi-Designs.jpg” alt=”Glittery Mehndi Designs” width=”700″ height=”466″ /> Glittery Mehndi Designs

The interesting aspect of this design is when you join you’re both hands then you can see a heart-shaped outline with glitters added to it. You have to decorate the carved lines on this design with glitters.

  1. The Peacock Mehndi Designs:

The peacock mehndi designs is an elegant and stunning henna artwork. This theme will look gorgeous in the hands of the bride for each and every function. Peacock henna design is having both Indian and Arabic mehndi design touch. This design can be easily incorporated with other motifs and you can even include floral patterns in this style.

src=”https://www-tipsclear-com.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Peacock-Mehndi-Design.jpg” alt=”Peacock Mehndi Design” width=”500″ height=”667″ /> Peacock Mehndi Design
  1. The Swirl henna mehndi design:

In this mehndi design, you can see lots of blank spaces on your palm and the fingers. Although it is having blank spaces this mehndi looks gorgeous in the hands of the bride. In this method, you have to design curvy lines one by one on your fingers leaving gaps in each and every finger. Along with that, you have to create one large swirl and design it with the paisley pattern with some dots on the design.

src=”https://www-tipsclear-com.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Swirl-bridal-mehndi-design.jpg” alt=”Swirl bridal mehndi design” width=”636″ height=”636″ /> Swirl mehndi design

This gives the mehndi design a unique look on the bride’s hands and also you can minimize or maximize the paisley pattern in the bride’s hand to get the ravishing look.

  1. Minimal Mehndi design:

If you are a fan of minimal henna artworks then you will love this minimal mehndi design theme. This is an Arabic mehndi design which is crafted carefully in order to get the ravishing look with minimal amount henna. The outline of this mehndi is to design gorgeous and minimal curves which look awesome on bride’s hands.

src=”https://www-tipsclear-com.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Minimal-Mehndi-design.jpg” alt=”Minimal Mehndi design” width=”480″ height=”360″ /> Minimal Mehndi design
  1. The Single Mandala design:

The single mandala is a common design for wedding ceremonies. In this mandala design, you can see a large circle which serves as a base around the pretty and tiny patterns. You have to use petals to create a multi-dimensional look. That’s why you have to arrange petals carefully. Along with that, you have to leave few gaps on your finger to improve your artwork.

Single Mandala design
Single Mandala design
  1. The Split Mandala Tattoo mehndi design:

The Split mandala design is different from single mandala design. In the above, design we have created a single mandala but in this artwork, you have to split the mandala design.

src=”https://www-tipsclear-com.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Split-Mandala-bridal-mehndi-design.jpg” alt=”Split Mandala bridal mehndi design” width=”658″ height=”469″ /> Split Mandala mehndi design

Which means you have to create a center focused mandala which can be seen only by joining your two hands. This design is a ravishing design which is symmetrically arranged and well-crafted by decorative patterns.

  1. Delicacy nuptial design:

Delicacy is a simple yet attractive looking design which is mostly preferred by brides who love to be simple. This design will not have clumsy and heavy patterns. In this delicacy design, the middle part of the hand will be empty. The design will come on backhand that too on the fingers and you can see other design after wrist.

Delicacy bridal design
Delicacy design
  1. The Curvy Floral Mehndi designs:

When you want to get a simple and elegant look then you can use this method. This curvy floral mehndi design is mainly focused on curves and different types of floral patterns. If you want to get a unique look then you can even use hearts symbols in your curvy floral mehndi designs.

src=”https://www-tipsclear-com.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Curvy-Floral-Mehndi-designs.jpg” alt=”Curvy Floral Mehndi designs” width=”600″ height=”338″ /> Curvy Floral Mehndi designs
  1. The Conjugal Asymmetric Mehndi design:

The name asymmetric itself suggests that you don’t need to fill out the artwork with matching patterns. Here in this nuptial asymmetric mehndi design all you have to focus on the uniqueness of the design. You can quickly add as many vine designs and floral patterns as you like on your hand with asymmetric design.

src=”https://www-tipsclear-com.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Asymmetric-Mehndi-design.jpg” alt=”Asymmetric Mehndi design” width=”500″ height=”500″ /> Asymmetric Mehndi design

All you have to remember is just make them a fine artwork just by your creative thinking. In this method, you really don’t have to be symmetric anymore. This asymmetric marriage design is mostly an experimentation opportunity for all.

  1. Radha Krishna matrimonial mehndi design:

If you are fond of attractive and traditional nuptial mehndi designs then no other artwork can beat the Radha Krishna marriage mehndi design. This is an awesome artwork for wedding ceremonies and other traditional festivals.

src=”https://www-tipsclear-com.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/radhakrishna-mehndi-design.jpg” alt=”Radha Krishna bridal mehndi design” width=”620″ height=”827″ /> Radha Krishna mehndi design

In this wedding design, you can see the lord Radha Krishna artwork on your hands and palm along with those you can also see the lotus and floral decoration on the wrist and fingertips to enhance the appeal of the wedded hands. This is thus far the best and traditional nuptial mehndi designs used by lots of brides in Indian marriages.

  1. The Chequered mehndi pattern:

The Chequered pattern mehndi design is an impressive method which is used to make your mehndi design pop. This is mainly used to get rid of the routine monotony of general mehndi design patterns. You can use this chequered mehndi pattern effectively to fill the gaps in other awesome mehndi designs.

src=”https://www-tipsclear-com.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Chequered-mehndi-pattern.jpeg” alt=”Chequered mehndi pattern” width=”650″ height=”422″ /> Chequered mehndi pattern
  1. The Shaded and Dark hymeneal mehndi designs:

Usually, few brides love dark colors and patterns, if you are the one then you will love this shaded and dark mehndi designs. The Shaded and dark mehndi designs will have lots of filling inside the mehndi and it gives dark color which looks amazing in the hands of the bride.

Shaded and Dark bridal mehndi designs
Shaded and Dark mehndi designs
  1. Boxed and Connected Conjugal Mehndi designs:

In this mehndi design, you don’t need to spare much space on the hands. This design is almost cover each and every portion of the hand except few minor gaps on the back of the hand. In this design you have to make use of dots, boxes and floral designs to get the amazing appeal for your wedding.

src=”https://www-tipsclear-com.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Boxed-and-Connected-Bridal-Mehndi-designs-1024×576.jpg” alt=”Boxed and Connected Bridal Mehndi designs” width=”618″ height=”348″ /> Boxed and Connected Mehndi designs
  1. The Lacy floral mehndi design:

The lacy floral mehndi designs are the other popular and interesting mehndi design. Usually, flowers are globally represented as the personification of feminity so brides love the floral design that’s why the lacy floral mehndi design has that popularity. The look of the mehndi can amaze others with the floral artwork.

src=”https://www-tipsclear-com.exactdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Lacy-floral-mehndi-design.jpg” alt=”Lacy floral mehndi design” width=”500″ height=”334″ /> Lacy floral mehndi design
  1. Indian Mehndi Design:

Indian mehndi design is another nuptial design that is perfect for marriage and devotional ceremonies. Brides who want to fill their hands with heavy mehndi designs will love this mehndi design because this is a heavy mehndi design.


This design is done from the fingertips to the end of the arms. In this design, you can see a Dulha and Dulhan design on the palm and the rest of the hands are covered with awesome patterns of the peacock, floral and other designs.


  1. Board flowers matrimonial mehndi design:


This mehndi design is having a board and dark flower designs on the artwork. In this design, you can see flowers which are arranged in a symmetric fashion. You can even see the floral curvy and patterns on this design.


  1. Leaves & creepers marriage mehndi design:


If you want to get a unique appeal for your mehndi design then you have to choose “leaves, Creepers wedding mehndi design. It is because this design is having fabulous leaves & creepers artwork. In this mehndi design, you should only use leaves of different designs and creepers along with checkers pattern.

  1. Roses with big leaves marriage mehndi design:

When you want to give the touch of a unique flower to your mehndi design then you should choose this lovely roses design. In this design, you will have a lovely rose design with appealing big leaves arranged in a lovely symmetrical manner. This design will simply impress anyone mainly because of the in-depth design and pattern.

  1. Creative matrimonial mehndi designs:

Along with the above mehndi design, you can make use of your own creativity to create an impressive mehndi design. There are numerous creative mehndi designers who have a number of innovative and stylish designs in their fashion book. If you want to be unique and creative you can opt for one of the creative mehndi designs and impress others with the stunning and appealing look.

These are the best and popular mehndi designs of 2018 for the wedding. Along with these, there are numerous designs here and there in the market which can impress you. So, check out our blog for the latest updates on mehndi designs.


These are the 25 breathtaking mehndi designs of 2018 for wedding ceremonies. For all the Indian, mehndi is important in marriage ceremonies because they treat that it is the symbol of love and a promise that keep their bond together throughout their lives.

That’s why we have carefully shortlisted the best and popular bridal mehndi designs. I hope you liked these mehndi designs of 2018. Which one are you going to try out? Let us know your view in the comment section.

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