12 Finger Mehndi design that will blow you off your feet!

Finger Mehndi design that will blow you off your feet!

Finger Mehndi design has always grabbed popularity amongst one and all. Perhaps there won’t be any person who will admit that he doesn’t like Mehndi. Such ios the allure of the Heena that has always been the first choice of every woman despite special occasions and festivals.

Finger Mehndi Design

There may be seasons and ample reason to apply Mehndi but these simple Mehndi hacks will definitely make you an expert designer. Try it-

Simple design created with lines, dots and curves

The place near the nails is just apt to add volume to the fingers. To begin with, make a dotted line near to the nail paint. Then a curvy line in a shape of your choice. Here it is worked on semi circle. Add three drop pattern to finish your design.

Finger Mehndi Design

Finger Mehndi Design


Different pattern for all fingers

The length of all the fingers are different then why should not the Mehndi designs? Make these 4 different patterns on 4 fingers starting with the pointer.

Four finger mehndi designMake use of lines, dots and curves to make this pattern as I have already explained above. In the middle finger make a leaf pattern by applying a little pressure on the cone so that he exits more of Mehndi. As the ring finger is a delicate finger, this delicate pattern is just apt for it.

Four finger mehndi design 1

Make a curve in the beginning and then make several curves revolving this single curve. In the middle of the finger make a circular flower with following repeated curves. Add small the of Mehndi to complete your flower. The small finger is beautifully decorated by making checks.

Four finger mehndi design

Make a check with lines and add a dot at every joint to give a design a unique look. Draw lines, curves and leaves to complete your pattern.


Four finger mehndi design

Ideas For Getting the Best Possible Arabic Mehndi Designs

Latest simple arabic mehndi designs 2016 by Tips Clear

Rings designs

Rings are always the first choice of every female. How about getting a ring pattern on fingers? Amazing isn’t it?

Finger Ring mehndi designFirstly draw a starting line and closing line where to wish to make the pattern. Make these lines with a slightly pressed cone so that to have bold lines. Ad dots at an equal interval to make it look attractive. In between these lines make design with curves and add a dot at the starting point of every curvy design. Have as many rings you wish to have.

Latest Dulhan Mehndi Design

Finger Ring mehndi design

Finger Ring mehndi design

Finger Ring mehndi design

One finger design to compliment the hand

This design is made starting from the middle of the hand back. Make a bit bigger circle and around this circle make U-shape pattern around it. Then make a leaf pattern to connect it to the tallest finger of the hand. Make a V and fill it with dots. Close this V with U-shaped repeated curves. At the end of the finger make slightly bigger curves and add 3 leaves to complete your pattern. This small but amazing design beautifies your finger and is just apt for any occasion. Don’t wait for occasions to get this design, make your get Fashion together special with it.

one finger mehndi designs

one finger mehndi designs

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