Underarm Whitening Mask: Recipe and Benefits

homemade Underarm Whitening Mask

Underarm Whitening Mask

Darker underarms are not flattering. Dark skin on underarms can also stop you or make you conscious when you wear sleeveless clothes. Whiter armpits and underarms is what you need then this homemade whitening mask will help to exfoliate the underarm areas gently. This mask will make the armpits skin lighter and smoother with regular application. As the treatment has natural product it is entirely safe for everyone even after you have shaved the underarms or waxed them.

Recipe of Underarm Whitening Mask

You will require:

Tomato juice

Curd/ yoghurt

Preparation of Underarm Whitening Mask

In a small bowl, take 3 teaspoonful of tomato juice, if tomato juice isn’t there 2 teaspoonful of lemon juice will also work to prepare this skin lightening mask/pack for underarms. Add 2 teaspoonful of curd and then mix everything. Apply this mask and leave for 20 minutes then wash off with water. It is better to take this with you in the shower for convenient application.

Benefits of this Underarm Whitening Mask

This mask will help to lighten the skin of the underarms as it has yoghurt. Yogurt is a natural bleach for the skin which effectively reduces the darkness of the armpits.

This mask also has tomato juice which will gently exfoliate the underarms and also makes the skin whiter. This mask will also helps to keep the underarms look radiant and fresh all through the day.

This can be tried every other day or even daily. Using this mask continuously will reduce the darkening of the armpit skin.

Extra tips: To prevent the darkening of underarms, use the deodorants from a distance of at least 6-7 inches as they can also darken the skin. Instead of deodorants, you can try to bath with water that has some drops of witch hazel or lavender oil, tea tree oils etc, these will help to kill the odor causing bacteria and the arm pits stay fresh all day long.