Hair care Secrets from the Celebrity Hair Stylist

Hair care Secrets from the Celebrity hair StylistsHair care Secrets from the Celebrity Hair Stylist

Healthy hair that shines, looks luxurious and are stronger is what most of the girls would want, But wait due to so much of heat styling, chemical treatment of the hair can make them brittle, dry damaged and what not. We will share some best kept secrets from the celebrity hair stylists who love to make our celebrities’ hair look gorgeous that we wish we had the same hair. So, here are some excellent hair care secrets and tips from hair stylist.

1. For oily scalp

Oily scalp that gets greasy pretty quick can try this natural method to get rid of the oils faster from the hair and to keep the scalp oil free for a lot longer. Mix half cup of Apple Cider Vinegar into 3 cups of normal water. Use this as a last rinse after the shampoo to make hair scalp clean and shiny hair.

2. Dry Hair

To naturally condition the dry hair use the mayonnaise on the hair and let it dry for 30 minutes. This is an excellent tip for the dry hair and scalp.

3. Flat limpy hair

To make the flat limpy hair give natural bounce use some beer as a last rinse and get the gorgeous thicker looking bouncier hair.

4. Tangles

To reduce the tangles after the hair wash, use a wide toothed comb after you have rinse the conditioner from the hair so that the tangles will be removed. It will also prevent the hair damage.

5. Homemade overnight hair conditioner

Take avocado oil and coconut oil in equal amount. Massage the hair and scalp at night. Wash in the morning. This is an excellent hair conditioner to get gorgeous bouncier hair.

6. Quick boost of moisture dry hair

Take extra virgin olive oil 4 teaspoonful and 4 teaspoonful of coconut oil and 3 teaspoonful of honey. Heat them in a microwave a bit and apply on the hair. Leave for 30 minutes then wash the hair with shampoo and condition. This will provide a quick boost of moisture to dry unruly hair.

7. Flyways

To tame the flyways. Take a spooly or an old toothbrush and put 3-4 drops of jojoba oil in that. Run that brush lightly over the flyaways and this will help to tame the flyaways quickly.

8. Dry hair ends

Dry hair ends can look really bad when you leave the hair loose. So, to tame them apply some avocado oil on the hair ends and leave it.

9. Beautiful smooth texture

Spray a dry shampoo before using a straightening iron or hair curler will make the hair texture beautiful and glistening.