Sports Drinks Vs Energy Drinks – Health Tips – Tips Clear

Sports Drinks Vs. Energy Drinks – Health Tips – Tips Clear

The best athletes, athletes, and those who attend occasional club love their sports and energy drinks. But did they produce the bullwhip effect? According to a famous dietitian, these functional drinks that promise endurance and mental clarity in a bottle are often responsible for stimulants. And may even harm you instead of help you. Hence it is very much vital that you should know what the difference between energy drinks and sports drinks is.

Sports Drinks Vs Energy Drinks

Sports drinks

Most of the Sports drinks allow the body to refuel items that were consumed by the muscles during the exercise, and they are designed for athletes who need to recharge after intense physical activity. Still, they are also popular among the average consumers, too. Whereas the energy drinks offer a mix of legal stimulants such as caffeine, carbohydrates, herbal extracts, and sugar. Most of the young people like students and sports enthusiasts are the regular consumers of these energy drinks.


Sports drinks mainly contain sugar, water, and electrolytes like sodium potassium, calcium, and magnesium and phosphates. Most of the dieticians advise the sports personalities to opt for low sugar content. The energy drinks usually contain caffeine, sugar, amino acids such as nectarine and herbal extracts such as ginseng and others and the dietician’s advice for the low concentration caffeine drink.

The elite athletes who work for a long time can benefit from sports drinks. But the athletes and the average consumers do not need these sports drinks for their daily tasks. The sports drink which overdosed can disrupt the electrolyte balance of a sports personality. And the energy drinks which contain stimulants should be avoided. It could be dangerous to consume the mixtures at high doses of caffeine and herbs that we know little about them.


Caffeine could cause calcium loss in bones. The current trend in clubs and raves is to mix energy drinks and alcohol, first producing stimulant effects and the second acting as a depressant on the nervous system. This ‘mixed message’ may cause cardiac problems.

Everyone wants to recharge and hydrate ourselves hence encourage them to hydrate themselves with water. Sports personalities can hydrate with water and can build up their reserves of carbohydrates and proteins with whole fruits and fruit smoothies to maintain endurance. A balanced diet of water and products made from whole grains contains antioxidants, and fiber-rich food gives you the nutrients needed to stay alert and full of vitality.

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