Sheltie Training Tips

Sheltie Training Tips: My Sheltie Sammi lived to be almost 19 years old. She was a wonderful, smart little dog that learned quickly and hated to have anything else to do. I was working on obedience with her when I first discovered the aka chicken and egg method for training a puppy.

Bake a chicken egg, boil the egg, remove the shell, and use this to feed her. She would eat the egg mixture with kibble, or when she just couldn’t have any other dog food. I would then take the egg shells and Pancakes shells (if I could get them to eat that way) and throw them away. I would have this on hand the next meal for Sammis as she hated to meal. I quickly learned that Pancakes shells are available at almost any grocery store.

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Springer and her Cheap Food Diet

The chicken egg mixture method has been the talk of the dog training world for some time now. One of the big talking points was about the affordability. The talk was about Springer and her Cheap Food Diet and the discussed the likelihood of her getting cancer and other diseases like I Descrimmed.

Sammis lived to be close to 19 and a very happy, well trained, confident dog. Everything she tou