Pug Training Points: Perhaps one of the most frustrating issues you can encounter in training your pug is housetraining. Pugs can be very stubborn and it is easy to Forget about housetraining and just hope things will go well. You need to realize that you must start housetraining the pug right away and you must be consistent and patient at all times. Pugs are intelligent dogs and they will respond well to training, but in the meantime accidents will happen.

When you first bring your pug puppy home you will want to establish a regular schedule for feeding him. You should take a sample of his food and take him to the bathroom at the same time every day, or at least take him outside every hour or two.

At nighttime you should place his food and water in the same place so that he knows where to go for both. You should always take your pug puppy outside immediately after eating or drinking and when waking up from a nap. Soon your pug will associated these things with potty time and will begin to let you know when he needs to go outside.

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Some pug owners have made use of a crate to train their pugs. Learning more about crate training your pug is very important to his training. When you want to potty train your pug, crate training is your best bet. When you let the pug puppy out of his crate, take him straight outside to the spot you want him to select as his potty spot. If he goes in the proper spot, praise him for a job well done.

If you have to leave your home during the day to work, it is important that you keep your pug confined to his crate till you get back home. Teaching him the correct place to potty shouldn’t take long and he won’t mind being confined the whole time. Keeping your pug confined till eventually he no longer messes is a great way pug potty training tips to go.

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Food is one of the most important secrets to pug potty training and you should never let your pug eat any food till you have taken him outside and redirected him to the correct spot to potty. Pugs need to eliminate within the first 20 minutes after each meal and you should take them outside right after each meal and wait till they potty.

Within 15 minutes after he eats his meal you should take him outside. For the first couple of days put down some newspaper to help your pug figure out he should potty on the paper. If there are accidents it is important to clean up the mess immediately. You may want to use a cleaning solution that has enzymes and you can get at any pet store.

Pugs make great watch dogs and so you should always correct your pug if he starts to make a nest out of his bedding. Pugs do not like to be disturbed when they are sleeping and typically will tell you when they need to go outside.

Always use the same spot for your pug to potty. Don’t move him when she cries or barks for help, because he has to concentrate and keep his focus on you when she is in the middle of her piddle. You should use lots of encouragement when she goes and quickly clean up the mess.

A pug needs to exercise regularly so take him out for walks as well. He can get very bored and turn aggressive if he is not given a chance to stretch his legs and run around. A tired pug is always a good pug.

These great little creatures are also known as the clowns of the house, ever alert and never giving up. Pugs are the perfect companion if you need someone to have a laugh and have fun with. Don’t get a pug if you are trying to train him to be a guard dog.
Pugs are almost human in their moods and will bring you many years of joy. One of the biggest phases that you will face when you obtain your pug is training him. You may think that it is very easy but it is anything but simple. When you expect your pug to want to please you it is certainly going to be harder than you think.

Pugs are notoriously stubborn especially when it comes to training. Your pug might sit and watch some TV program and not do anything while you try to teach him to shake a paw. You sit and wait and barely pay attention to him, expecting him to not mess up.
After doing this a few times you get fed up and throw a rolled up newspaper to your pug and laugh at him for messing up your favorite TV show. He isn’t going to understand your frustration and simply keeps playing with the newspaper.

One of the biggest problems with pugs and their training is consistency. The thing about pugs is that they are forgetful just like every other baby.

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