George R.R. Martin’s Sci-Fi Novel ‘Hunter’s Run’ is Getting a Movie Adaptation

After introducing us to the Westeros, George R.R. Martin is back with another captivating project that takes place beyond the surface of planet Earth. We’re going to outer space, baby! Variety has confirmed that another one of the literary works of the award-winning author has been picked up for a film adaptation, with Exile Content Studio seizing the rights to adapt Martin’s sci-fi novel, Hunter’s Run. The book is co-written by Martin, Gardner Dozois, and Daniel Abraham and is rather a dark and gritty take on future interplanetary human civilizations where money and power still reign supreme.

The upcoming film, based on the novel of the same name, has even bagged a director in the form of Mark Raso, who will be directing the project based on an English-language screenplay co-written with his brother Joseph. Similar to Game of Thrones and House of the DragonMartin will executive produce the project alongside Mark and Joseph.

The British author even confirmed the news, saying, “I’m so pleased that after almost 16 years, ‘Hunter’s Run will be made into a film. I’m bursting with excitement for the rich sci-fi universe I helped create with my dear friends Daniel and Gardner to exist beyond the pages of our book.”

In Martin’s book, we catch up with Ramon Espejo, who, in a bid to escape poverty, absconds planet Earth only to get sucked into the same vortex all over again on the far-off planet of Sao Paulo. Things turn from bad to nasty when Espejo finds himself on the run again after being charged with the murder of an interplanetary diplomat.

While rambling around the galaxy, our protagonist stumbles upon a highly evolved race of aliens who, like him, desire to stay under the radar. “Survival is his only goal, but to achieve it he must find a way to elude these deadly aliens, the hard-nosed police, and his own personal demons,” reads the film’s synopsis.

During the big announcement, Mark Raso, the film’s director, recounted the time when he first met Martin, revealing, “I first met George when he showed my film ‘Copenhagen’ at his Jean-Cocteau cinema in Santa Fe and among other things we discussed a novel he had written that had great potential as a film.”

Raso further added, “I’m thrilled that from that small conversation we are at a point where we are realizing a both visually and narratively innovative sci-fi adventure. Hunter’s Run is a groundbreaking sci-fi story about survival, exploitation, and the fight for universal freedoms. I’m thrilled to be partnering with Exile to bring George, Daniel and Gardner’s brilliant novel to life.”

Currently, no release window or details surrounding the cast has been announced, but we expect that to change soon since the project is already in motion. Commenting on their collaboration with George R.R. Martin, Exile chief strategy officer Eric Bromberg expressed: “It is a dream come true to be working with George R.R. Martin, one of the world’s greatest storytellers, alongside this incredible team of screenwriters and producers. From the first time I read ‘Hunter’s Run,’ I knew it had all the elements of an enthralling sci-fi adventure, including a unique, flawed, and fascinating anti-hero.”

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