Nargis Fakhri Beauty Secrets, Diet and Fitness Tips

Nargis Fakhri Beauty Secrets, diet and fitness tips

Nargis Fakhri Beauty Secrets, Diet and Fitness Tips

Nargis fakhri is an Indian actress but with American nationality. Her father was Pakistani and mother was from Czech. The combination has given a diva. Have you looked at that sleek and slender body, long legs and shiny skin?

Well I desire that skin and body. Do you? At least I would love to know what she does to her skin and what she eats or her fitness regimen. She has given an interview about all this and we have collected few information. Let’s know all about it.

Nargis Fakhri Fitness Regimen

Let’s check about the fitness regime about Miss Fakhri
  • She loves practicing new types of workouts.
  • Her goal is to mix fun with exercise which will make it easy for her to tone up.
  • She tells that exercise is not all about looking good or toning your body. You will have to have a positive attitude and choose activities which you enjoy.

Let’s check what all are included in her exercise list;

  • Crossfit
  • Swimming
  • Dancing
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Zumba

She adds that she is much interested in such activities rather than the tradition and boring gymming.

Her work out includes;

  • Combat training
  • Tai chi
  • Qigong
  • Push ups
  • Sit ups

Lets see what she has to tell about her diet or what she eats and not.

Let’s discuss about the food which she knows are not correct for her but cannot stop eating it.

  • She loves nutella on bread, roti, dessert etc. She eats a lot of nutella and wish to stop consuming it but cannot help it.
  • She also takes coffee shots. Did you know coffee shots are concentrated coffee which trigger up the nerves and keeps you stable and awake for long time? Consuming this regularly can be harmful. Nargis drinks lots of coffee and wants to stop it. She wants to eliminate coffee from her diet. Let’s see if she can do it in future.
  • She confesses that she eats lots of non vegetarian food and wants to shift to vegetarian food as quickly as she can adapt it. She says vegetarian food is healthier.
  • Also she adds that she wants to drink warm lemon water. Hope you know warm lemon water is very good for the health if consumed daily. It reduces fats, cuts cholesterol, reduces weight, cleanses body and removes out impurities naturally.

Look what she had to say when she was asked as to what she eats in the morning / her diet chart.

She says that in the morning she has some flax seeds, hemp seeds, bee pollen, a banana smoothie, and 2 glasses of coconut water with protein powder. Then after 2 hours she likes to eat 3-4 eggs.

She also gives additional diet tips. And those are as follows;

  • Include vegetables, grains and pulses to the diet.
  • Try to be away from sugar, processed food, aerated drinks and if you have a sweet tooth opt for a dark chocolate.
  • Munch walnuts, almonds, cranberries and seeds when hungry.
  • Include soups and salads in your diet.

Nargis Fakhri Beauty Secrets

Know what she had to say about the beauty section

  • For a routine she uses face wash, a toner and a cream.
  • She loves to get massages.
  • She sleeps for 8-10 hours and says you gain beauty only if you work hard and then sleep well.
  • She says to meditate and gain inner beauty to achieve external beauty.
  • Also she suggests washing, tone and moisturizing the skin.
  • She advises to use face masks. She says she regularly use different mask as it pulls out all impurities.

On the last note see how she concludes

She tells to gain all positively. She adds; make healthy choices for body and mind. This will help you to look physically good. And never forget water. Drink at least 8 glasses daily.

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