10 lesser known/ unknown facts about Krystal D’Souza

Krystal d Souza is Christian beauty with Indian nationality. She is from Maharashtra and can speak Hindi English and Marathi. She is a popular name in small industry. She is fair, tall and hot. She have started too early in the industry and since then never turned back.

Now let’s check out few facts that you never knew about her.

When did she start working in the industry?

Any guesses? She was 16 when she was spotted by Ekta outside her college and was asked for an audition. She passed it and started it for fun but now she enjoys it and there is no looking back.

What do you think was she really interested in acting?

No, May be. She says she secretly desired to act but all that was in the head and actually she wanted to become an air hostess. She remembers she used to drape her mother’s chunni as a saree and stood in front of mirror telling all dramatic dialogues.

It was some where in her from childhood. She joined industry soon after her schooling as she joined college.

What difficulties did she suffer in the industry?

She is a catholic and speaks English in house. She found it too difficult at time to deliver highly dramatic Hindi dialogues.

More over she had tough time distributing time towards both studies and the scripts. She says there were days when I could not understand with what to start.

Have you heard of sexist Asian women award?

There was a contest sexist Asian Women listed by eastern eye and she was ranked 19th. More over her popularity charts have gone up. Her face book fan club consist more than million.

Her favorite actor and actress?

Give a guess? Its Hrithik Roshan and priyanka chopra who inspires her.

When asked few thing she cannot live without are?

She answered her phone, water and family. Like any other youngster she enjoys phone. This generation is phone addict and is she.

What does she like in general or what makes her happy?

She loves to shop. She says that she goes to shopping three times a week. Having a mall nearby her house adds a cherry on the cake.

She loves shopping any thing she likes. She never decides and go for what she wants to buy. It’s just that she likes something and picks it up.

She has a craze for bags. She has them of different size and shapes. She has the color collection of bags which cost up to 1 lakh each. Amazed? Even I was.

Her love life? Man in her life? Is she seriously dating? To whom?

Abhinav kapoor was the man she dated for 5 years but things went sore and they separated. When asked her about this she turned out to politely say that she never discus her private life to anyone. She adds life goes on and we should also move on.

“How much chemistry is there in this”?

Guess about whom I am talking? You guessed it right karan tacker. Ever since she broke up she is seen with karan.

They had a great chemistry on screen ( Ek hazaroon mei meri behna hai). People expected that due to off screen chemistry they had that hot on screen chemistry.

But she said all that is just audience assumption and nothing more. She added that old phrase and words. “We are just friends”.


Not now. It’s all about work now. Work and vacations. Goa is her best holiday destination. She loves traveling and is not ready to get hitched up.

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