Moore Launches Dynamic Creative Optimization Solution to Drive Hyper-Personalized Fundraising Activities

SimioCloud integrates creative automation tools, data insights and smart server AI powered by real-time information for conversion optimization and engagement growth.

Moore is an established constituent experience management (CXM) company and recently announced their AI-powered Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) capabilities as a solution for hyper-personalized fundraising ads across digital channels and devices. These innovations offer companies greater control and optimization over creative content production for hyper-targeted fundraising advertisements that leverage personalized targeting methods.

SimioCloud(tm) data integrates seamlessly and makes fundraising even simpler than before. This marks an enormous advancement for personalized fundraising initiatives.

Dynamic Creative Optimization Solution
Dynamic Creative Optimization Solution

Moore’s DCO capabilities revolutionize fundraising by using artificial intelligence to quickly identify creative that resonates with its intended target audience, using real-time learnings from SimioCloud Connect Constituent Data Platform (CDP). This solution facilitates rapid appeal iteration with audience-specific data integrated. Ads are then programmatically delivered across digital channels allowing organizations to maximize impact and relevance with every person who receives an ad, providing customized messaging unique for every recipient.

Gretchen Littlefield, CEO of Moore noted, “Our Dynamic Creative Optimization solution (DCO) stands at the forefront of fundraising’s future evolution,” using SimioCloud data as her foundation. DCO tailors ads based on demographics, interests and giving behaviors; creating hyper relevant fundraising experiences powered by SimioCloud data for every viewer that come through SimioCloud data.

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“One-to-one fundraising at Moore depends heavily on curated, detailed consumer data provided through SimioCloud Connect,” noted Doug Kaczmarek, Moore’s Chief Data Officer. With access to over 10,000 data points per U.S. consumer, Moore clients harness predictive insights in predictive data insights for driving forward their fundraising initiatives.

Moore is one of North America’s premier marketing, data, and fundraising companies specializing in purpose-driven industries by offering holistic omnichannel solutions that span their marketing supply chains.
With their DCO solution, the company provides client omnichannel fundraising campaigns that are highly relevant and impactful, yielding optimal results. Real-time analytics enable continuous adjustments and optimization throughout each campaign’s lifetime.

“Video and other digital ads can be powerful storytelling mediums for our purpose-driven clients, and now with Moore’s DCO solution they can harness its full power to raise more funds to support their causes, connect deeply with audiences, and advance missions,” according to Janet Tonner, president, media and digital division of Moore.

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