BenQ India recently unveiled their Zowie Gaming Monitor designed for FPS enthusiasts.

BenQ recently unveiled its Zowie gaming monitor. Intended specifically for users interested in FPS titles like Counter Strike: Global Offensive or other FPS genre titles. BenQ also introduced this month its BenQ X300G 4K projector which offers cutting edge technology; now let’s check out this monitor from Zowie as well.

BenQ Zowie Gaming Monitor XL2546X Specifications.

Zowie Gaming Monitor India have unveiled the Zowie XL2546X Gaming Monitor equipped with Fast-TN panels and DyAc 2 technology, featuring new dual backlight designs to offer clear motion and precise FPS gaming experiences. Furthermore, fast TN panels promise sharper edges on moving images, and screen overshoot is reduced using DyAc2 (Dynamic Accuracy Technology) which also works to minimize blurriness.

Zowie Gaming Monitor
Zowie Gaming Monitor

It features a 24.5-inch display offering a 0.51ms response time, Full HD resolution, and 240Hz refresh rate, complete with right and left shielded sides as well as an adjustable height stand for convenient height adjustments. Notably this monitor has been seen at several global esports tournaments such as VCT Ascension 2023 hosted by Valorant; additionally there’s even an Auto Game Mode to facilitate color mode switching depending on content displayed for an enhanced gaming experience.

BenQ has made its Zowie Gaming Monitor XL2546X available on Amazon India and leading gaming stores for an attractive 42,990 INR (roughly equivalent to 517 US Dollars). This monitor offers gamers in India access to an esports ready range of products. It boasts its presence as being ready for counter-Strike: Global Offensive as well as Valorant players – two popular titles within this genre of competitive video gaming.

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