Kim Kardashian Has Joined Kate Middleton Chat

Kim Kardashian, along with much of the internet, is curious about Kate Middleton and has taken matters into her own hands in an effort to discover what exactly is going on – or at least shared an amusing post joking that she will act as private investigator!

On Saturday, reality star Kim Kardashian posted a slideshow of throwback photos along with an amusing caption mocking Princess Kate’s extended absence from public view. Kardashian captioned these pics “On My Way To Find Kate” alongside carousel of pictures seemingly taken when attending Mason Disick’s Bar Mitzvah in 2022.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian Image source

As many may know, Middleton underwent “planned abdominal surgery” in January and has since been recuperating at home with plans to return to royal duty post Easter. Recently however, conspiracy theories flared after several photo agencies removed her Mother’s Day portrait due to concerns of “manipulation”, then on Mother’s Day itself another blurry paparazzi shot was scrutinised further by many media outlets.

Kardashian’s post was met with mixed responses, from some who found humor in its caption (“Not on My Way to Find Kate LMFAO”) to critics calling out for being insensitive: one user wrote, “Nothing like an actress who claims they hate rumors spreading more rumors,” while another explained: “The world can be divided into two camps: those living for it and those disliking this caption.”

Kardashian is not alone in mocking royal drama: earlier today Blake Lively took aim at Kate Middleton with an edited Betty Buzz campaign featuring obvious Photoshop fails and text reading “I am thrilled to announce four brand new @bettybuzz & @bettybooze products!” Lively wrote alongside an edited photograph. Adding, “Now you understand why I have been MIA,” Lively gave an explanation for her silence regarding royal matters.