PUMA and “One Piece” Set Sail for Adventure on the High Seas

March 23, 2024, In a thrilling collaboration that merges streetwear style with the spirit of high-seas adventure, PUMA joins forces with the best-selling anime series of all time: One Piece. As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the TV anime, fans worldwide can now embrace the excitement of Luffy’s quest to become the King of the pirates through this captivating partnership.

Classic Meets Epic

The PUMA x One Piece collection seamlessly blends classic PUMA streetwear and sports silhouettes with the island-hopping pirate saga. Graphic elements inspired by the globally popular anime adorn T-shirts, hoodies, and PUMA’s iconic T7 tracksuit. Pirate flags flutter alongside scenes and beloved characters from the show. But this collaboration goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s an adventure waiting to unfold.

Accessories Fit for the Journey

To bring the collaboration’s story to life, PUMA introduces adventure-ready accessories. The Backpack and Bucket Hat are designed for those who seek thrills on the high seas. Whether you’re chasing treasure or evading rival pirates, these pieces are your trusty companions.

Footwear Inspired by Legends

The collection’s footwear pays homage to the Four Emperors of One Piece lore. Each expressive PUMA Suede sneaker draws inspiration from a legendary figure:

  1. Straw Hat Luffy: Represented by a cloud-shaped Formstrip, these sneakers channel the spirit of Gear5 Luffy.
  2. Red-Haired Shanks: Scar-mark embroidery nods to Shanks, the enigmatic pirate with crimson locks.
  3. Blackbeard Teach: Dark and mysterious, just like the man himself.
  4. Buggy the Genius Jester: Quirky and unpredictable, these sneakers capture Buggy’s essence.

And there’s more—the sneakers come with custom packaging and special gold medallion hangtags, making each pair a collector’s treasure.

Set Sail!

The PUMA x One Piece collection is available starting March 23, 2024, at PUMA.com, PUMA flagship stores, and selected PUMA retailers. So lace up your sneakers, hoist the Jolly Roger, and embark on an epic voyage where fashion meets adventure.