How to Use Split Screen Mode on Your iPad

iPads are amazing devices, and we are getting closer to a time when Apple’s dependable workhorse can completely replace an entire laptop. While we’re not there yet, Apple has recently made great strides toward that goal by adding split-screen mode to the iPadOS. This feature allows you to open multiple apps on the same screen to get the most out of the huge display and stretch some multitasking muscles. How to Use Split Screen Mode on Your New iPad.

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The dock is at the heart of all split-screen functions on your Apple device, as all apps for launching are located there. First, make sure you set up your iPad through Settings> Home Screen & Dock> Multitasking. Then switch the three controls to toggle Allow multiple apps, Picture in picture, and Gestures. This ensures maximum flexibility no matter what you want to do.

  • Move an app icon to the left side of the dock: First, align all the apps you want to use in the Dock. You only have to do this once. Tap and hold an app that you want to use, and then drag it to the Dock if it’s not already there. Symbols can only be added on the left side of the divider. On the right side are the icons of the apps you have recently used. If you don’t want apps to be stored in the Dock, you can quickly launch and close the apps you want to use to place their icons in the Dock for easy access later.
  • Start an app: If you have a main app that you share your screen with and you want the window to be bigger, open that app first. You can only split the screen between 50 and 50 or between 25 and 75, so you can only use two apps at the same time. However, you can open several more apps and wait.
  • Swipe up from the bottom to access the dock: After your first app launches, swipe up on the toolbar to see the other apps in the Dock, then select your second app.
  • Select and drag the app icon: Tap and hold your second app and drag it up from the dock. Hovering the mouse pointer over the open app will bring up a rectangular window that you can drag to the left or right side of the screen and then release to open the second app.
  • Arrange the split screen: With a large window that takes up most of the screen and another smaller window on the side, you can arrange the windows to the left or right as you wish.
  • Hide and reveal the app tab: If you want to hide any of the apps, tap the gray bar at the top of the window and drag it to the side of the screen. This will temporarily hide the app window, but not close the app. Swipe in from the side to make it reappear.
  • Divide the screen equally: By default, the second tab is in front of the first. However, you can split the screen evenly across the two apps by tapping and holding the gray bar at the top of the second tab and dragging down (or up). Both tabs temporarily blur, but split the screen evenly when released.
  • Deactivate multitasking: If you want to exit these features, you can go back to Settings and turn them off.

The iPad’s multitasking gestures serve as a manual link to the app switcher or home screen. However, it may take some practice to become fluent with these gestures. For the app switcher, swipe up from the bottom of the screen with one finger and hold it in the center until the app switcher appears. Then select the app that you want to use. To switch between apps, swipe left or right with four or five fingers to switch to a previous app. On an iPad Pro with Face ID, iPad Pro 11 inch or iPad Pro 12.9 inch (3rd generation), this gesture swipes across the bottom of the screen. To return to the home screen, swipe up from the bottom or – this is the easiest movement – pinch five fingers on the screen.

Glide over the smoothness

You can use the Slide Over feature in split view to open even more apps at once – the process is similar. Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the dock, drag the app over the app divider, and use the black bar at the bottom of each window to toggle right or left between them. To close an app, swipe up in Slide Over and hold it in the middle of the screen to reveal all open apps. Then swipe up again to close the app.

Move content around split-view apps

When two or more apps are open, you can drag and drop content – text, photos, and files – between them; B. Text or images from an e-mail or website to the Notes app or from a website to an e-mail or SMS.

  • Open two apps either in split view or on the slide.
  • Touch and hold the item you want to move to separate it from its document, email, website, or note.
  • Drag and drop the asset into the other app.
  • You can also select multiple items by gently dragging the first while selecting the second with another finger. However, this process requires a certain amount of tact.

Picture in picture

With Picture in Picture, you can watch videos in a separate window while doing other tasks like reading email or checking your Facebook feed. Even if this second app is running, your video will still play and you can move the video to any part of the screen so it is out of the way. Just tap the arrow icon in the top left to zoom out the video window. Then use any other app you want and keep looking. Tap the arrow in the lower left corner to view the video in full screen again. You can also hide and show the video by dragging it back and forth from the side of the screen.

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