6 Best Points Do FUT Results Look Natural?

Do FUT Results Look Natural?

FUT Results: Regardless of what causes hair loss, it can lead to low self-esteem, feelings of insecurity, and depression. Losing hair at an early age can ruin a person’s confidence. Some people even end up traumatized. Many men who are at the age of 30 or 40 are suffering from various hair issues that include thinning, balding, and hairline loss. However, baldness is never accepted in women by society.

Although there exist some over-the-counter treatments for hair loss, medical advances in hair transplant surgery that are aimed at providing undetectable solutions are available. Men are now able to get denser hair after such operations. For most people suffering from hair loss, hair transplantation is the best solution. This method can treat different levels of alopecia. Follicular unit extraction is one of such methods that have been found to yield naturally-appearing results that give patients a desirable appearance.

FUT Results

Before you get hair treatment, there are several factors that need to be put into consideration including color, density, and quality of the donor’s hair.

What are Follicular Units and Why are they so Important?

Hair tends to grow in groups of 1 to 4 strands and in between, there is a hairless skin. Follicular unit transplanting (FUT) involves the use of stereo microscopes to attentively remove these units from the skin. These are then transplanted on the balding areas. The hairless skin is usually removed to ensure you get a proper hair transplant.

How is FUT Different from Mini/ Micro-Grafting?

A micro-graft involves 1 to 2 hairs while a mini-graft contains 3 to 6. This means that FUT is actually a form of a mini/micro-grafting. However, the similarity ends there. Mini/micro-grafting doesn’t have any respect for the follicle units. These get prepared by the removal of the donor strip using a multi-bladed knife.

The result is more hair transection as opposed to using a single-bladed knife. Once the strip is removed, the grafts are cut to size without any magnification. Also, no respect is paid to the natural follicular units. This brings about three problems; increased transaction, transplantation of hairless skin, and less density due to the transplantation of hairless skin.

Mini/micrografting has some advantages, including the fact that it is faster, requires minimal manpower and skill, and it is also cheaper.

What is Follicular Unit Transplantation? (FUT Results)

For this procedure, a thin strip of skin that has hair is usually removed from the sides or back of a donor’s scalp. Every follicle unit is then split out by technicians using microscopes. Usually, these follicular units have 1, 2, 3, or 4 hairs each. These are then transplanted on balding or thinning spots in line with the natural hair growth patterns.

Advantages of a FUT Results over Standard Procedures

  • Smaller grafts are used with minimal incisions
  • The carefully prepared follicular unit grafts have less scalp tissue and tend to be very tiny, compact structures. The grafts can easily fit in very small incisions and produce minimal trauma to your scalp.
  • Due to the fact that smaller grafts are used, the doctor has to use less invasive incisions, which allow him to transplant more grafts at once. Such small grafts can also be placed closer to each other.
  • The donor’s tissue is carefully trimmed using microscopes to yield more grafts. Since the donor tissue is carefully trimmed into the natural follicular units using specialized microscopes, it is possible to get the maximum number of undamaged grafts from a specific amount of donor tissue. As the patient’s donor has a limited tissue, the balding patient will ultimately get the fullest coverage possible.
  • Follicular unit hair transplantation tends to look natural even when examined closely. This is because the procedure copies the way hair grows naturally, yielding a natural look.
  • The follicular unit hair transplant only requires a single surgical session for the results to appear natural. You will only require repeat procedures if you wish to increase the hair density or if you get other balding areas that need to be dealt with too.

Ultra Refined FUT

Micro follicular unit hair transplant also produces natural-looking results but it is not enough to yield high density with only one surgical session. This means that patients have to undergo subsequent procedures in the transplanted areas to achieve a full look.

Recently, some of the leading hair transplant surgeons have advanced the follicular unit procedure into a minimally invasive one that allows the unit grafts to be placed close to one another. This ultra-refined procedure is helping patients achieve the desired cosmetic density in only one surgical session that is accompanied by faster healing.

Why should the Follicular Unit be Respected?

Every follicular unit is enclosed by small glands, nerves, blood vessels, as well as a connective tissue sac that makes it a self-contained unit. If, by any chance, these units get damaged either during dissection or removal, it may lead to poor hair growth. It is, therefore, prudent to only cut in the loose tissues that are between the follicular units. This will ensure that each unit remains intact without getting damaged.

Graft Survival

The FUT harvesting procedure yields a nice thick graft that is surrounded by healthy tissues that offer sustenance during the process of transplantation. Since each graft is meticulously partitioned by hand under a microscope, it is possible to observe the graft so as to ensure it is not transected and also all the surrounding tissues are in great shape. When you combine these factors, you increase the survival rate of grafts that have been transplanted using the FUT harvesting method.

After a successful hair transplant, your doctor will offer you post-operative instructions, shampoo, and medication. It is not necessary to have bandages in your head when you leave the hospital. Also, it will be possible to shampoo your hair the next day.

Although follicular hair transplantation using the FUT method can give you great results, it is very important to consult the services of a highly qualified and experienced doctor. If you are thinking of getting yourself a hair transplant, contact Dr. Andrea Garcia and Dr. Josh Surowitz of Dilworth Facial Plastic Surgery.

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