4 Tips for a Boho Wedding

4 Tips for a Boho Wedding

Boho Wedding: Nowadays bohemian weddings are in and on the rise.  Whereas until recently the ideal wedding was incredibly traditional and lavish, it’s not only cooler to have a relaxed and boho themed wedding, but lucky for you it can also be a lot more affordable.

The idea of a bohemian wedding is that the atmosphere is very laid back and there is a sensation of lightness and happiness.  There is no stress on overly harsh wedding rules or traditional aesthetics.  The idea is easy and breezy and free as a bird.  Here are some of the biggest tips for keeping your wedding boho chic.

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Opt For a Vintage

When it comes to buying a ring and dress, the best way to go is vintage.  Not only can you find something a lot more original, but it will likely be something which everyone will remember as your signature piece.

The nice thing about opting for vintage is that it can range in price.  When you are looking for the lower priced items this doesn’t necessarily indicate lower quality or value.  Sometimes all that it takes is knowing where to look and what to look for.

Ideas for places to look include garage sales, online websites like eBay and Etsy or vintage bridal shops.  Try to start your search early to give yourself as much time as possible to find the perfect selection for your special day.

Have an Outdoor Reception

If there is one single thing that screams Boho wedding it’s an outdoor reception with garden string lights.  Try to find somewhere in a beautiful natural setting like a farm or a park.

Make sure that if you have your wedding in the middle of the summer that you provide shade since your guests will be sitting right in the sun.  Many people make the mistake of forgetting about providing shade and in turn have a wedding guest list full of sunburns.

Have a Local Live Band

When it comes to music, forget about the cheesy wedding DJ.  Opt for a local band which has a nice easy feel and can play a variety of music which all of your guests can enjoy, if you don’t know of any live bands a quick and simple search online for live band for hire in your area will no doubt give you plenty of options to choose from.

Rather than stressing out about cover bands or whether they can play your favorite old tunes, why not let them play originals?

You should make sure you do your research before you book a cover band as you want to make sure that you’ll love the music that they’ll play. You might want to check out these professional wedding cover bands here to give you some idea of what to expect.

Get Creative with Decor

Rather than sticking yourself inside a box which has rules and guidelines about what you have to do with your decor, get creative! Try to create your own floral arrangements and table settings.

When it comes to a Boho wedding, the more original you are, the cooler it will be. Try to stay creative and go with whatever ideas your gut is telling you.

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