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The Three Things a Startup Needs

The chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. shared information on what it looks like when investing in companies. Free Book Preview: Coach ‘m Way Way Up Discover being an influential mentor through tips and advice based on the teachings of Discover basketball coach John Wooden. January 12, 2021 Read …

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4 Tips to Avoid Influencer Marketing Catastrophes

Avoid Influencer Marketing Catastrophes

Influencer marketing is usually one of two methods, it either flashes due to successes, where returns are staggering or it results in epics where a company takes months to fail. As an entrepreneur in the digital marketing space, I have been sitting front-row-center very often for both of these results. …

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Best Antivirus Protection for Your Business

If you buy something through our link, we can make money from our affiliate partners. learn more. Antivirus protection or malware protection is essential for any business with a digital presence. As hackers are more sophisticated, protecting their endpoint with the best available solution in the market is a necessary …

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Electric Vehicle Stocks Are Already Soaring in 2021

January 11, 2021 Read 6 minutes This story was originally published on Stock News The market for electric vehicles has been changing over the past decade with a global fleet of vehicles, supported by favorable government policies and technological developments. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, EV sales are expected …

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