Beauty Tips: For Eye Care

Beauty Tips: For Eye Care

The eye is fragile and sensitive area, with poor in sebaceous glands, which dehydrates quickly and requires Constant hydration to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hence care should be taken for it and should be given much importance in daily routine.

Always remove makeup before your eyes morning and night before applying in small circular movements, special care moisturizer around the eyes. Make your star and wear sunglasses as soon as the first rays appear to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apply your eye makeup hypoallergenic, clean your accessories, brushes etc once a week and change makeup things and accessories every six months.

Ask compresses soaked with cornflower water on your eyelids and lie about fifteen minutes before removing. You can also apply two tea bags soaked in hot water on your eyelids leave it until they have cooled and Do complete your beauty treatment with ice cubes wrapped in cloth on your eyes several times. 

The use of tea bags on the eyes is recommended to relieve swollen eyelids but also to prevent dark circles. Another beauty recipe to soothe the eyes is to boil a few sprigs of fresh parsley in a liter of mineral water, let cool and put compresses soaked in this mixture over the eyes for ten minutes.

If you do not have cornflower water, tea or fresh parsley at your disposal, you can put a few slices of fresh cucumber on your eyelids for ten minutes to deflate your eyes. And if you really have nothing on hand, go turn your eyes from the hot water and cold water, always ending with cold water to decongest puffy eyes and blushed. Also, if your eyes are a bit tired, you can put two teaspoons cold cotton on your eyelids for about fifteen minutes.

Mount 3 egg whites until stiff and add a small portion of lemon juice and 50 grams of coffee. Mix well until dough is smooth. Keep small cotton on the eyes and apply the mask around your dark circles. Leave half an hour and then rinse with running water and complete it with cold water.

Best beauty tip to fight against first wrinkles is to apply gentle circular movements with a little butter every night on lower eyelids. Upon awakening, the skin is smooth, like plumped, wrinkles are reduced. If you do not have butter, you can use instead of argon oil, borage oil, avocado oil or evening primrose oil.

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