Beauty Tips: Blush for Good Look

Beauty Tips: Blush for Good Look

Applying a perfect blush on the cheeks is an essential step makeup that provides structure and illuminates the face.

If you have pale, cool tones prefer pink.
If you have a tan, choose warm tones apricots.
If you have mature skin, selecting a paint color for your face with the creamy texture to bring light to the face and an anti-aging effect.
If you are Asian; Adopt natural colors like beige, peach, and pink if your skin is clear. And apply golden tones like coral, copper if your skin is dark. Escape the dark tones brown or too dapper orange, red.
If you have dark skin, opt for blushes in iridescent shades of orange, pink or red marks specialized for your skin type. Avoid blushes of dark and dull which does not give good look.

Your blush should be in harmony with your makeup: no pink blush if your lipstick is orange, and vice versa.

While doing Blush proper texture should be selected here are a few more tips: select a cream or powder which suits best.

Textures creams are easier to place accurately and to work correctly. They provide excellent light shine effect and a natural anti-aging. Textures of powders are recommended to make rendering diffuse, dull and sophisticated. They are not recommended for mature skin that dull, unless iridescent.

If you cannot choose, nothing prevents you to combine two textures, taking care to apply the cream until the texture suits you and then melt with a finger.

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