Sediqullah Atal smashes seven sixes in a 48-run over in Kabul Premier League

In an astonishing display of batting prowess, Afghanistan’s Sediqullah Atal unleashed a torrent of runs in the Kabul Premier League, smashing seven sixes in a single over. The 21-year-old batter, representing Mis Ainak Knights against the Band-e-Amir Dragons, produced a spectacle that will be etched in cricketing folklore for years to come.

The historic over was bowled by Fazal Haq, who was left hapless as Atal launched each delivery with unerring precision and power beyond the boundary. This onslaught resulted in a staggering total of 48 runs in the over, a record in the history of the Kabul Premier League.

Atal’s explosive performance came during the 19th over of the innings, turning what would have been a regular passage of play into a nightmare for the opposing team. Before this over, the game had been progressing ordinarily. However, Atal’s blitz significantly shifted the momentum in favor of the Mis Ainak Knights.

Sediqullah Atal – Kabul Premier League

With every soaring six, the crowd’s anticipation grew, culminating in a thunderous applause as the seventh ball disappeared over the boundary. Atal’s feat is all the more impressive considering he equaled the record set by Ruturaj Gaikwad, another rising star in the cricket world.

At the end of the innings, Atal remained unbeaten, having scored an incredible 118 runs off just 56 balls. His mammoth score played a pivotal role in leading the Mis Ainak Knights to a commanding total.

This extraordinary feat by Sediqullah Atal underscores the burgeoning cricket talent emerging from Afghanistan. The Kabul Premier League, though a relatively new tournament, has proven to be a platform for young Afghan cricketers to showcase their skills on the domestic and global stage.

As we continue to cover the ongoing league, all eyes will undoubtedly be on Atal, the young man who has firmly planted his name in the annals of cricketing history.

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