Romantic Destination Georgia Stunning Natural Beauty

Romantic Destination Georgia Stunning Natural Beauty

How to propose requires more planning than a romantic proposal or buying an engagement ring.

Georgia is a romantic destination having stunning natural beauty, amazing range of adventure, fun activities, great food and wine and friendly people. It is a beautiful place to rekindle your romance. Newlyweds prefer going for a honeymoon to Georgia as it offers range of activities to ensure you have a memorable vacation with your beloved.

Romantic Destination Georgia

Here we present hotspots where you and your beloved can go and enjoy beautiful romantic days full of love.

Mtataminda (Holy Mountain) in Tbilisi is a wonderful place to take your second half. Due to high mountains and natural fresh air with wonderful nature is all over the area.  Mtataminda has always been a favourite place for couples. Declaration of love and proposal on the holy mountain is very popular.

Blue Ridge:

Take your beloved to pick apples, cherries, strawberries, peaches or blueberries at Mercier Orchards. Ride the historic Blue Ridge scenic Railway. Stay overnight in a mountain cabin, bed and breakfast or townhouse, shop quaint boutiques and savour local flavours at Harvest on Main Black sheep Restaurant bar and patio.

Private Island of Georgia:

What’s more romantic than spending time alone on a private Island. Kayak in the marsh, warm up in the hot tub blue crabs or do whatever you want in your10 or 20 acre piece of paradise on the Private islands of Georgia.

Private Island of Georgia

Batumi is a charming and romantic seaside town. It is located on the coast of the Black sea in the countries southwest. Batumi being a tourist destination is known for its varying weather. It is bustling seaside resort during warm seasons, but can get entirely covered in snow during winter. If you visit Batumi with your beloved you can find a romantic environment without much effort. You may simply walk on the coast, listen to the sea sound and meet sunset with your soul mate.

Sighnaghi is a beautiful old city in Kakheti region that is also known by the name of the City of Love. You can even get married here and then spend your honeymoon weekend in one of its cosy hotels. A wedding house is located at the center of Sighnaghi in case you decide to exchange wedding vows. You will find also many cosy spots there that will make your romantic date unforgettable.

Forest Hills Mountain Resort:

Snuggle under warm covers in your rented cottage at Forest Hills Mountain Resort. Take a horse drawn carriage ride , dine by candlelight, tour nearby wineries and even plan an all inclusive wedding destination in the Northeast Georgia Mountains.

Hiking in Georgia-Snowshoeing Trail:

Discover the magical Georgian landscape in winter with this 2 days trek to Borhomi Mineral Park, Chitakhevi Ranger Station and part of the lesser Caucasus Mountain. Experience the snow covered landscape glittering with thousands of sparkling crystal on your winter holiday, enjoy snow shoe walking in nature and overnight in a wooden hut in the mountains. Your lady love and you will enjoy with the nature with you in this snowy mountain.

Grab your sweetie and head for the romantic charm of Georgia’s mountain, beaches, blooming gardens and historic sites.

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