Puppy Play: How Dogs Play And The Toys They Love

Playing with Dogs: What they like to play and the toys that they love

Playing is something your dog enjoys. It’s a fact that dogs love to play. But many dog owners are unable to distinguish between healthy playing and the beginning of a fight.

By learning to understand how your dog plays and reading their body language you can make his life more enjoyable while avoiding danger.

Socialization Matters

You should prioritize socialization if your dog was adopted young as a single pet. However, do it carefully. Parents and siblings usually teach playtime manners to younger dogs. Without this feedback, the dogs may be tempted to push their boundaries with other dogs. It’s often because the dogs don’t know how to recognize when their behavior is not welcome. The reason is that they’ve never been given the chance to gain knowledge.

Sign up your puppy for a playtime class. Invite your friends to bring their dogs over and play. Visit the dog park with your dog while you keep an eye on him.


When you are playing with your dog alone, make sure to set clear boundaries. You won’t have the exact same body language of another dog. However, you should still be able to stop your dog from being aggressive or showing guarding behaviors.

Warning and Positive Signs

Learn to understand your dog’s behavior during play. When dogs are playing happily together, they take turns, just as people do. They may even exaggerate the body language , similar to how you would when speaking to children. Dogs that are anxious or feel threatened may lunge, snap and display their teeth. You should separate your dogs if you notice any of these signs.

Get Great Toys

The toys you choose for your dog will not teach him how to play. But they will keep him entertained and interested. Which toys should you buy?

There are a variety of different dog toys. These range from toys for chewers who can be aggressive to those that are softer and cuddlier, to fetching balls or other toys. But don’t be too concerned about expensive toys.

Here are some popular choices for all dogs, regardless of size and temperament:

  • A Kong toy for every dog : These Kong toys are available in a variety of sizes, so that you can choose the right one for your pet. They’re also great for rewarding your dog for solving problems and giving them a tasty treat. Fill it with peanutbutter and freeze it, they will be nearly unbreakable. You can use it for fetching, crate-training or as a chew.
  • Figure 8 Rope toy for Tough Thuggers The tug of war game is great for all dogs, however, larger and stronger breeds can wreck havoc on the smaller toys. Figure 8 Ropes have a rubber core that holds the rope thick for long fights.
  • Chuckit! Fetch Professional The Chuckit! Chuckit! The Chuckit! A scooping tip to avoid slobber When your dog returns the ball.

Some dogs are very simple in their preferences when it comes time to play. They will only want a ball and stick. Others, however, will destroy almost any toy.

Explore new ways to play and try different toys with your dog. You’ll have fun together even if the toy you choose isn’t a success.

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