Nighty for women is something that makes you comfortable while you are sleeping at night. There are so many different types and varieties of night dresses available for your stylish looks and comfort. The women’s nighties are of different varieties and designs in each categories. There can be cotton nighties, satin, polyester and more.

We’ve put together this list of the best selling and latest designs of nighties available for Indian women. So, they are not only very stylish, but very breathable and popular for women of all age groups. Even during the hot and humid weather conditions you can wear them, because they are made from the breathable cotton fabric and are very good. Nighty can be maxi dress, knee length or even above the knees. So, while choosing a night dress, you must look at certain things like if you would like to have the super long nighty or till the knees.

Latest Nighty Designs For Women

1. Cotton Maxi Dress Nighty

Cotton Maxi Dress Nighty

This is a cotton maxi dress type of nighty that is suitable for women of all age groups. The cut and the print makes it pretty for even for a younger woman or a mature lady. Even for your relaxed and comfortable wear, it is will be suitable even for your early pregnancy.

2. Printed Cotton Nighty For Women

Printed cotton nighty for women

The Cotton nighty is for women who want comfort first. This is made from a super breathable fabric and makes it really popular for the hot season. You can even wear underskirt under this nighty, if you are in a conservative family, otherwise the night is really perfect.

3. Satin Plain Nighty With Overwrap

Satin plain nighty with overwrap

The satin long nighty comes with short sleeves and a solid color maroon. It looks really beautiful and very luxurious. It is made with a comfortable fabric to have for your night dresses. As the satin fabric can be little transparent in harsh light, therefore, a robe is also given which is also in the same length.

4. Satin Double Color Nighty

Satin Double Colour Nighty

The comfortable Satin nighty has a noodle strap and full length nighty, which has an over robe that is made of satin. It comes with a color combination of two different shades of pink. It looks really nice and is suitable for even the conservative families. The best selling designs of nighties for women.

5. Lace And Satin Full Length Nighty

Lace And Satin Full Length Nighty

It comes adorned with a lace fabric on the shoulder. It is for the comfort and to look a bit glamorous. It is appropriate for the newly-wed bride. The nighty is also very comfortable and comes with a breathable fabric. It can be a bit see through so if you have to come out of the room you can wear an underskirt.

6. Cotton Printed Glamorous Night

Cotton Printed Glamorous Night

This cotton printed nighty is made with the breathable cotton fabric and has come very nicely with the cut and pattern. Then, it is usually very fashionable and looks really trendy. Even for mature women such type of night dresses looks comfortable and makes them feel relaxed.

7. Cotton and Lace Nighty For Women

Cotton And Lace Nighty For Women

The Cotton printed and it has lace fabric used for the neck design. It has medium length sleeves and the pretty print all over it makes it very vibrant and the design too. Such nighty does not irritate your skin and gives you sound full sleep.

8. Satin Beige Nighty For Ladies

Satin Beige Nighty For Ladies

This Satin fabric nighty in the light Golden beige color looks really appealing for the women with fair to medium skin tone. The night dress comes with an over robe and has a nice detailing with the lace work. This is also a full-length dress for summers, when you can stick to only the inner part while for the winters you can have an under skirt or the robe.

9. Bold Yellow Strap Nighty

Bold Yellow Strap Nighty

The nighty in the bold yellow color is something that younger women and the newlyweds would definitely want. It has the strappy inner with over robe and strap to tie. It has a buttery smooth texture and feel. Satin is a fabric that feels very breathable and comfortable especially during the summer season. So if you are a newly-wed bride, such colors and fabrics would definitely suit you.

10. Comfortable Satin Printed Nighty

Comfortable Satin Printed Nighty

This printed nighty is in deep red color has a printed design at the neckline and shoulder. The cut, pattern and the silhouette of this design is really nice and gives you a luxurious feel. One would surely like to sleep in such nice breathable attire. This is sure to add to your closet and to have a peaceful sleep. With the long length, it’s suitable for even the conservative women.

11. Butterfly Sleeve Satin Nighty

Butterfly Sleeve Satin Nighty

The beautiful gorgeous purple colored nighty in is in a solid color. It has some lace detailing near the neckline and shoulders. The major highlight of this beautiful nighty is the butterfly flowing sleeves. It is very comfortable and surely for women who want to comfort the most during the night the best designs. No wonder it makes you sleep peacefully.

12. Printed Cream Colored Nighty

This nighty is made with a printed fabric that bears the imprints of peacock feather. The fabric of this nighty is same fabric that is of your t-shirt. The fabric is breathable and a suitable for summers as well as winter. It looks really nice and the full length is a suitable for many women.

13. Black Cotton Nighty For Ladies

Printed cotton nighty for women

If you want a dress that is not very revealing or made with the sheer fabric, then this is perfect. It also comes with a pocket and the black color is quite appealing. The sleeves are also pretty long and the neckline is short. It that doesn’t reveal too much, in fact, it is comfortable to wear.

14. Kaftan Style Ladies Nighty

Kaftan Style Ladies Nighty

Printed kaftan style nighty is one of the hot favorite of many women. This is a piece of attire that has the sleeves stitch like a straight line. So you don’t have the regular cutting and stitching pattern in a kaftan style of dress. With the neckline and the bold colorful print makes this dress really amazing and beautiful. Surely, you would love the design.

15. Captain Style Printed Satin Nighty

Captain Style Printed Satin Nighty

This kaftan style printed nighty is made with the breathable satin fabric. The neckline design is pretty stylish and the print all over has great contrasting colors. This is yet another nighty pattern that many women will love.

16. Short Midi T-Shirt Like Nighty

Short Midi T-Shirt Like Nighty

Made with the T shirt fabric this has medium length with medium sleeves. It’s more like an extension of a regular T shirt for women. It has the t-shirt like fabric that is very comfortable and breathable. For younger women, this is perfect attire for getting good night’s sleep.

17. Knitted White Floral Night

Knitted White Floral Night

It comes with a short inner and the over rope that has half sleeves and the tie straps. This has a beautiful cream color with pink flowers all over. The detailing of pink on a white base looks amazing and very young and refreshing.

18. Stylish Lace Nighty With Robe

Stylish Lace Nighty With Robe

It’s a satin nighty with a robe set. The inner is of medium length that goes till the knees and is made with a floral pattern, while, the robe has solid floral taping. The inner is suitable for the newlyweds and the best thing is the design.

19. Stylish Nighty With Cold Shoulder

Stylish Nighty With Cold Shoulder

The cold shoulder design is really getting popular currently and it has even overtaken the night dress style. This women’s nighty has cold shoulder pattern made in a beautiful gorgeous turquoise blue color is used to make this dress. It is a full-length nighty that goes till the ankle.

20. Black Short Nighty With Robe

Black Short Nighty With Robe

This is a nighty which is beautiful and has short length with a strap. It comes with a robe. It is a beautiful and gorgeous dress that is suitable for younger women.

21. Women’s Blue Printed Nighty

Women’s Blue Printed Nighty

This gorgeous blue color is used for this night dress and it looks really amazing. For younger women this is a perfect thing to have. Even for the girls night out this is appropriate.

22. Yellow T-Shirt Night Dress

Yellow T-Shirt Night Dress

The yellow t-shirt style dress reaches above the knees and is suitable for the younger lot. Even for your girls night out that dress is perfectly fine.

23. Sleeveless T-Shirt Night Dress

Sleeveless T-Shirt Night Dress

This is a gorgeous t-shirt dress and it has rounded hemline with sleeveless pattern. This pattern is really refreshing and younger looking. This is surely a design that teenage girls would love to have in their wardrobe.

24. Ruffle Design Violet Satin Nighty

ruffle design violet Satin nighty

This beautiful violet color has ruffled designs in hemline and sleeves. The lace work is also used for the next part. It is a really pretty design that looks really nice.

25. Side Wrap Angrakha Style Nighty

Side Wrap Angrakha Style Nighty

This side wrap and tie style of nighty is made with breathable cotton fabric. It is suitable for the pregnant ladies. The best thing about this dress is its ideal for pregnant ladies to have that comfort and ease.

So, these are the best nighties available for women and no wonder these are the trending style for women. These clothing for women or the night dress makes them sleep easily and feel comfortable. So finding a good night it for yourself depends on the length and the fabric that you feel like.

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