Latest 70 Types Of Kurti Neck Designs Ideas and Patterns (2022)

latest neck designs for kurtas

Latest kurta neck design is what we are going to know about in today’s post. Kurtas and kurtis one of the best ethnic and traditional wear of clothing. The ease of wearing  and comfort is what makes kurta so much desired and popular amongst young Indian women. No matter how much you like to wear jeans, tops and other clothing. When it comes to comfort, you will always choose a nice kurti or kurta. Nowadays, there are so many different types of ladies kurti neck designs available that they make you look modern yet ethnic. Here, we have compiled these images of modern neck design for kurta and kurtis. The latest designer neck designs of kurta that you can replicate for the kurta that you will be wearing.

Designer and Modern Kurti Neck Designs for Women (2022)

So let’s take a look at the latest kurti neck designs.

1. Half Collar Kurti Neck Design For Women

neck design kurta 1

This design has a half collar neck design kurta and in the front there is a V-neck. The kurta is an angrakha style of kurta with tassels on the upper layer. Such designs would look good on women even with shorter neck. You can replicate this design for your kurta and it can be worn for office as well.

2. Round Neck Kurta Design for Females

neck design kurta 2

This design has a round neckline and from the centre a string is attached that has to be tied. This design looks extremely beautiful and makes a simple neckline very pretty. It can be replicated in your kurtis, kurtis and suits as well. The tassels on the string also looks lovely and adds more feminine touch to this kurta. his can also be replicated on the sleeveless kurtas.

3. Keyhole Kurta Neck Design

neck design kurta 3

Keyhole boat neck design are very modern and looks good on suits and good as well. You might have also seen blouses and tops with keyhole neck design. On top it is a round neckline and on the centre there is a teardrop shaped hole that makes this design absolutely pretty.

4. Notched Neck Design for Kurta

neck design kurta 4

The design has a round neck and from the centre there is a small notch. Such designs can be replicated not just in your kurtas but in your suites, blouses and tops as well. The design does not look very revealing but has that sensual feel which makes it so pretty.

5. String Neckline Design for Kurta

neck design kurta 5

This design has a very different feel as the upper layer is a jacket with a round neck and a string on the centre. And below that there is around neck next piece of clothing. This looks absolutely stunning and it can be used in your not just good as but in the suits to. These designs are very stylish and fashionable that can be used for the office wear kurtis. You can also try this neck pattern for your silk kurtas and kurtis.

6. Mandarin Collar Design for Kurta Neck

neck design kurta 6

This kurta has a Mandarin collar with the short button placket that contains 5-6 button. You can open the top one or two buttons if you feel like and it can also be worn for corporate meetings and as a kurta for your work.

7. Round Neck with Buttons for Kurta

neck design kurta 7

This is a simple design which yet makes a striking look to your kurta. It has a round neck with buttons on the centre. On a plain solid black kurta this design would look absolutely stunning when the buttons are kept of the contrasting color.

8. Ruffled Neckline Design for Kurta

neck design kurta 8

The neckline has a high round neck with string in the centre on the edge of the neckline there are ruffles or pleats. The pleats give a very morning and fashionable effect to this kurta. Such kurtas can be teamed up with jeans to make the fusion wear work perfectly for you

9. V-Neckline Design in Kurta

neck design kurta 9

V neck is the most common neckline after around neck. This neckline looks good and is also very comfortable. This does not show a lot of the chest part yet makes your clothing look good. V-neck designs are very popular currently so you can also go for a design like this.

10. New Side String Kurta Neck for Ladies

neck design kurta 10

This has a string neck pattern with string on one of the sides, not in the centre. This is why this looks a lot different than the regular kurta and a lot chic and looks sophisticated. This is a perfect formal kurta for your office and other places where you need to look sophisticated.

11. Chinese Collar Kurta Neckline with Buttons

neck design kurta 11

The neckline is perfect for women who would like to have an Illusion of long neck. The buttons on the centre makes the design even prettier women of all age groups can wear neckline like these. It’s a really long kurta with chinese collar.

12. Round Neck With Cold Sleeves

neck design kurta 12

A round neckline looks lovely with cold sleeves. When the neckline is high the result of the cold sleeves looks even better.

These are the various women’s kurta neck designs that you should try. Having a good neckline can make your kurta look absolutely stunning. Also having a comfortable neckline is a must when you are designing your own kurta. Some of these latest kurta neck designs are very traditional while some are very modern looking. So you can go ahead and try to create your own design for the next kurta that you will be designing.

13. V Shape Wrap Around Kurta Suit