15 Latest Heart Shaped Mangalsutra Designs To Try in 2021

In this article, we are going to share the latest designs of heart shaped mangalsutra patterns. Mangalsutra is one of the most important things that the married women would wear daily. However, the heavy and bulky mangalsutras may not be so comfortable to wear every day. This is why several women especially, the working women would keep the heavy ones for their special occasions like parties, weddings, ceremonies and even for the rituals. Simple heart pendant mangalsutra designs are suitable for everyday wear. And one such design that is getting really popular currently is the heart shaped mangalsutra patterns. This is why we created this catalogue that has the images of the latest heart shaped mangalsutra designs that you can also go for.

Latest Heart Shaped Mangalsutra Designs

1. Blended Heart Pendant Mangalsutra