Is the Richest Person In the World Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos?

The founder of Tesla lost $ 13.5 billion in one day, crowning Amazon’s CEO. But the story took an unexpected turn.

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January 12, 2021

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On January 7, Elon Musk overtook Amazon’s Jeff Bezos as the richest man on the planet. But the founder of taste did not last long Tesla and SpaceX, Because he lost about $ 14 billion this Monday.

Tomorrow, the actions of Tesla fell nearly 8% In the stock market session. It meant loss $ 13.5 billion, Leaving oysters with luck $ 176 billion, Forbes note.

The merchant went back Under Jeff Bezos, Which secured its first place in Forbes’ billionaire ranking. Amazon CEO There is a present Net worth of $ 181.3 billion, However, its shares fell more than 2% yesterday.

However, since the stock market is a roller coaster ride in less than 24 hours Musk was back on top of the list. During this Tuesday morning, the South African’s fate resumed 5.66%. Said about it $ 10 billion His wealth and Bezos finished second.

For now, it is difficult to determine which of the two entrepreneurs is the world’s richest person. Changes may occur at any time for stock movements Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, Who together broke the money record in 2020.

Most likely, for a time, both moguls would occupy first and second place. It is difficult for any of them to fall to third place or below, because they are after it. Bernard Arnault, owner of LVHM and the richest man in France with a fortune of $ 151.4 billion.

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